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‘Jersey Supreme’
‘Jersey Supreme’Asparagus
L599 Asparagus officinalis Early all-male hybrid. Produces high yields of large-diameter tender spears in spring. Z4. read more
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‘Purple Passion’Asparagus
L600 Asparagus officinalis Early. Very large deep purple stalk with a creamy white interior. Z4. read more
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‘Big Top’ HorseradishHorseradish
L598 Armoracia rusticana Exceptionally vigorous perennial with large dock-like leaves and spicy hot roots for culinary and medicinal use. Z3. read more
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‘Victoria’ Rhubarb Seedlings
‘Victoria’ Rhubarb SeedlingsRhubarb
L602 Rheum rhabarbarum Heirloom variety, considered the most important rhubarb variety of the 19th century. Seedlings, will show some variation. ME Grown. read more
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