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Autumn Beauty Mix
Autumn Beauty Mix OGsold out, substitute 5539.
5500AO Helianthus annuus (70-90 days) Lovely mix of earthen shades: bright yellow to bronze and purples. Blossoms 4-6" across. 6-8' multibranching stalks. A top seller. read more
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5503FT Helianthus annuus F-1 hybrid. A formula blend with colors ranging from white to darkest red, with double and semi-double flowers. 4-5' stalks bearing 4-8" pollen-free flowers. read more
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5507FL Helianthus annuus Stunning brown-centered 6" blooms are maroonish red with yellow tips. Mix with others to make a bouquet pop. 3½' tall. read more
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Green Heart
Green HeartSunflower
5509GH Helianthus annuus F-1 hybrid. Golden-yellow blooms with amazing 4" lime-green centers. Great for cutflowers and pollen-free. Tall straight single stems grow up to 5'. read more
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Hopi Dye Sunflower
Hopi Dye Sunflower OGsold out
5906HO Helianthus annuus (90-100 days) Rare indigenous heirloom used as a natural dye source for coloring baskets purplish charcoal. Also edible. 8' stalks. read more
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The Joker
The JokerSunflower
5512JK Helianthus annuus (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Pollen-free bicolor blooms with two rings of petals. Rated among the best for cutting. 5-7' stalks with multiple branching. read more
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Lemon Queen
Lemon QueenSunflower
5514LM Helianthus annuus Luxuriant 8" blooms with lemon-yellow petals surrounding striking solid brown centers. Can grow up to 10' tall in rich soil. read more
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Lemon Queen
Lemon Queen OGSunflower
5515LO Helianthus annuus Luxuriant 8" blooms with lemon-yellow petals surrounding striking solid brown centers. Can grow up to 10' tall in rich soil. Organic. read more
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Mammoth Grey Stripe
Mammoth Grey StripeSunflower
5518GS Helianthus annuus (120 days) A traditional variety of giant single-stem sunflower with large seed heads. One to grow if you want to eat the seeds or plant a maze. 6”12'. read more
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Moulin Rouge
Moulin RougeSunflower
5521MR Helianthus annuus (65 days) F-1 hybrid. Gorgeous 5-7" dark red pollen-free blossoms on 5-6' multi-branching stems. Favorite among commercial growers for its color. read more
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Ruby Eclipse
Ruby EclipseSunflower
5533RE Helianthus annuus (55 days) F-1 hybrid. Ruby-red petals with lemon tips. Dark centers sometimes shade into pink. Gorgeous pollen-free 4-5" flowers on 6' branching plants. read more
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5536SG Helianthus annuus Handsome single-headed 5' sunflower. Double ring surrounded by deep yellow petals makes a striking display. 8-10" blooms. A superb cutflower. read more
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Selma Suns Mix
Selma Suns Mix OGSunflower
5539SO Helianthus annuus Open-pollinated. Mix of fragrant polyheading 6" blooms with pointed petals and small dark center disks. Yellows, golds, maroons and reds. 6-7' tall. read more
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Sorayasold out
5541SY Helianthus annuus (80 days) Deep orange petals, dark centers, and sturdy branching habit. Up to 25 4-6" blooms per plant, Perfect for cutting. 6' plant spreads 2-3'. read more
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Summer Sensation
Summer SensationSunflower
5545SM Helianthus annuus (65 days) Vibrant 8" flowers, yellow surrounding a dark disk, on 5' plants. Can be grown as a single stem or pinched to branch out. read more
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Sunflower SamplerSunflower
5599SS Our third-best seller among flowers. This mix of a half dozen varieties creates a lovely display. No dwarfs or mammoths. read more
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Sungold Dwarf
Sungold Dwarfsold out
5548SD Helianthus annuus (60 days) Fully double polyheaded blooms give the fuzzy effect. Blooms hold well compared to other dwarf types. 2'. Last year we will offer. read more
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Vanilla Ice
Vanilla IceSunflower
5555VI Helianthus debilis Pale yellow petals are nearly white and contrast well with the rich dark center disk. Polyheaded with 5' stalks, 3-4" blossoms. read more
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