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More grains and other cover crops are available from Organic Growers Supply
4310AM Oryza sativa (105 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. A fast-maturing lowland rice, aka means ‘red’ in Japanese, and muro means ‘root cellar’... read more
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Duborskian OGsold out
4312RO Oryza sativa (115 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. Grow rice in Maine! Roberta Bailey got this upland short-grain hardy Russian variety from... read more
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Hayayuki OGRice
4311HY Oryza sativa (105 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. A lowland rice, hayayuki is Japanese for the first snow of the season, which perhaps... read more
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Titanio RoseRice
4313TT Oryza sativa (120 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. An upland short-grain brown rice from Italy. Used for risotto with creamy texture and... read more
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4590LC Glycyrrhiza glabra Open-pollinated. Sweet and soothing root contains glycosides similar to the body’s own natural steroids. Beneficial for... read more
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