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Yu Mai Tsai
Yu Mai TsaiLettuce
2716YM (45-60 days) Also known as Sword Leaf or Pointed Leaf lettuce. Interest is slowly increasing in this novelty distinguished by its long thin... read more
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Batavian Lettuce
Anuenue OGBatavian Lettuce
2921NO  (72 days) Open-pollinated. Slow-growing compact dark green Batavian with crisp outer leaves surrounding a round tightly-packed heart. Excellent heat tolerance. read more
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Cardinale OGBatavian Lettuce
2905DO  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Hefty wine-red Batavian forms open rosette that folds together like a romaine at maturity. Shiny red leaves, green in the center. Tolerates cold under protection. read more
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Concept OGBatavian Lettuce
2908TO  (51 days) Open-pollinated. Combination of Batavian and romaine, with whorling thick succulent medium-green leaves. Tolerant of heat and rarely bitter. read more
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Pablosold out
2918PB  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Large slow-growing red Batavian forms loose upright rosette surrounded by wide wavy-edged flat leaves. Bronze outer leaves with green interiors. Very slow to bolt. read more
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Sierra OGBatavian Lettuce
2907SO (50 days) Open-pollinated. Summer lettuce aficionados can rejoice that we again have a full fresh crop of organic seed of Sierra, a red-tinged... read more
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Bibb Lettuce
Speckled Amish
Speckled Amish OGBibb Lettuce
2831SO  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Very attractive bibb lettuce has apple-green leaves splashed with maroon-red flecks. Selected for resistance to Tip Burn. read more
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Winter Density Bibb/RomaineBibb Lettuce
2849WD  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Romaine Lettuce. French Heirloom. Begins looking like a bibb, then matures into a well-wrapped romaine. Thick tender dark green leaves. read more
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Butterhead Lettuce
Bronze Mignonette
Bronze MignonetteButterhead Lettuce
2805BM  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Very small ruffled bronze-tinged butterhead lettuce. read more
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ButtercrunchButterhead Lettuce
2811BU  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green outer leaves with broad mid-ribs and a creamy white center heart. Slow to bolt. Excellent flavor. Bestseller. read more
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Kagraner SommerButterhead Lettuce
2839KS  (58 days) Open-pollinated. Elegant pale green heads of excellent quality. Excellent heat tolerance. read more
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KinemontpasButterhead Lettuce
2846KP  (60 days) Open-pollinated. French Heirloom. Very large pale green butterhead with dense buttery texture and very good mild flavor. Very slow to bolt. read more
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North Pole
North Pole OGButterhead Lettuce
2814NO  (51 days) Open-pollinated. Elegant lime-green 6-8" diameter butterhead with sweet flavor. Excellent cold and frost tolerance, good for winter. Bolts in heat. read more
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Pirat OGButterhead Lettuce
2828PO  (55 days) Open-pollinated. German. Elegant loose softball-sized green butterhead lettuce with light brown pebbling on leaves. Excellent flavor and bolt resistance. read more
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Red-Eared Butterheart
Red-Eared Butterheart OGButterhead Lettuce
2836YO  (56 days) Open-pollinated. Not a true butterhead, but buttery. Dark red folded pointy short broad leaves contrast with green-to-red veins. Resists Bottom Rot. read more
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Sweet Valentine
Sweet Valentine OGButterhead Lettuce
2834VO (56 days) A real sweetheart of a lettuce, Valentine combines magnificent beauty with mild sweet taste. Beginning as a large spreading bronzed... read more
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Tom Thumb
Tom ThumbButterhead Lettuce
2803TT  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Miniature early tight 5" diameter butterhead lettuce. Outer leaves light-medium green, centers creamy white. read more
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Winter Marvel OGButterhead Lettuce
2816MO  (52 days) Open-pollinated. Large fancy fast-growing light-green butterhead lettuce. Bolts quickly in heat. Recommended for fall or overwintering where climate permits. read more
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Balady Aswan
Balady Aswan OGCeltuce
2715LO  (45 days) Open-pollinated. Ancient form of Egyptian celtuce, allowed to bolt and enjoyed for its 12-14" stems with creamy flavor. Emerald-green leaves can be harvested through bolting. read more
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Crisphead Lettuce
Red Iceberg
Red IcebergCrisphead Lettuce
2922RI  (63 days) Open-pollinated. Compact medium-sized heads with burgundy-red exterior. Interior shades to green. Resists becoming mushy in heat. read more
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SummertimeCrisphead Lettuce
2925SU  (70 days) Open-pollinated. Uniform compact dense medium-sized heads of excellent flavor. Resists becoming soft and mushy in heat. read more
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TriggerCrisphead Lettuce
2934TR  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Calmar-type iceberg lettuce makes tight hard 7-10" medium green heads with very crinkly toothed leaves. Excellent cold tolerance. Moderate heat tolerance. read more
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Webb’s Wonderful
Webb’s WonderfulCrisphead Lettuce
2931WW (72 days) Introduced 1890 by Clarence Webb in England, came to us via Schultz. Webb’s remarkable large-veined slightly savoyed dark-green leaves... read more
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Cutting Lettuce
Dark Lollo Rossa
Dark Lollo Rossa OGCutting Lettuce
2793LO  (53 days) Open-pollinated. Much darker red version of Lollo Rossa. Adds color, texture and loft to baby salad mixes. read more
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Lollo di Vino
Lollo di Vino OGCutting Lettuce
2795VO  (56 days) Open-pollinated. Beautiful compact Lollo-type has extremely dark purple-red leaves with ruffles and curls. Very mild flavor for type. Stays non-bitter longer. read more
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Lollo Rossa
Lollo RossaCutting Lettuce
2796LR  (58 days) Open-pollinated. Attractive frizzy foliage is light red on top, light green at base. Use in salad mix for loft and texture, also for accent or garnish. Very cold tolerant and hardy. read more
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Merlot OGCutting Lettuce
2789MO  (32 days) Open-pollinated. Modern Classic. Adds intense deep red color and full-bodied flavor to baby salad mix. Not recommended for full-size heads. Cold tolerant. read more
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Oscarde OGCutting Lettuce
2788OO  (30 days) Open-pollinated. Market Standard. Mini low-growing dark red oakleaf, bright green at the center. Ideal for greenhouses in cold weather or outdoors in spring and fall. read more
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Revolution OGCutting Lettuce
2792RO  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Lollo Rosso-type with rich intense red 10-12" deeply frilled thick crunchy leaves. Holds quality, but not heat tolerant. read more
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Tango OGsold out
2791TO  (45 days) Open-pollinated. Frilly looseleaf lettuce with deeply cut pointed leaves. A standard component of salad mixes and mesclun. Recommended for overwintering and cool weather. read more
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Leaf Lettuce
Antares OGLeaf Lettuce
2738AO  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Very large vigorous oakleaf lettuce with extra-frilled bright pink and bronze leaves. Withstands some heat. Performs well transplanted in early spring. read more
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Australian Yellow
Australian Yellow OGLeaf Lettuce
2766YO  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Fast-growing crinkled glossy yellow-green leaf lettuce. Sweet flavor with a slight hint of bitter. Heat tolerant. read more
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Black Seeded Simpson
Black Seeded Simpson OGLeaf Lettuce
2712BO  (42 days) Open-pollinated. Popular Heirloom. Early looseleaf lettuce, 16" in diameter. Large crumpled juicy light-green leaves. Will not stand heat. read more
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Blushed Butter Oaks
Blushed Butter Oaks OGLeaf Lettuce
2764BO  (49 days) Open-pollinated. Compact pink and green oakleaf butterhead lettuce, with buttery taste. Tolerates some frost. read more
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Bronze Arrowhead
Bronze Arrowhead OGsold out, substitute 2738.
2719BO  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Very attractive oakleaf lettuce forms a green and bronze rosette. Very slow to bolt. Excellent in mesclun and for cut-and-come-again culture. read more
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Cracoviensis OGLeaf Lettuce
2731CO  (47 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Beautiful large twisting red and green rosettes with heavy purple accents. Tender, buttery. read more
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De Morges Braun
De Morges Braun OGsold out, substitute 2786.
2787BO  (64 days) Open-pollinated. Freen center contrasting with pink and bronze outer leaves in Romaine-like form. Slow growing. Resists bolting; never bitter. read more
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Flashy Green Butter Oak
Flashy Green Butter Oak OGLeaf Lettuce
2784FO  (54 days) Open-pollinated. Beautiful troutback/oakleaf cross, with rich lime-green oakleaves showing dark speckles. Excellent flavor and texture. read more
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Green Deer Tongue
Green Deer Tongue OGLeaf Lettuce
2740DO  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Thick green pointed leaves radiate from a compact center. Rich nutty flavor. Slow to bolt. read more
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Green Ice
Green Ice OGsold out, substitute 2712.
2713GO  (45 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny crinkled looseleaf lettuce with fringed leaf margins. Firm and crunchy. Slow to bolt. read more
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Hyper Red Rumple Waved
Hyper Red Rumple Waved OGLeaf Lettuce
2773HO  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Very deep red savoyed leaves with extreme ruffling. Good flavor and texture. Fair heat resistance and good cold tolerance. read more
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Italienischer OGLeaf Lettuce
2785TO  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Upright sturdy 18" diameter bright green oakleaf lettuce with crisp juicy mild-flavored leaves. Tolerates some heat. read more
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Les Oreilles du Diable (Devil’s Ears)
Les Oreilles du Diable (Devil’s Ears) OGsold out, substitute 2740.
2767DO  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Rare. Starlike rosettes of glossy deer tongue-type leaves are tinged burgundy-red. Nutty texture and bitter-free. Very bolt resistant. read more
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Merlox Red Oak
Merlox Red Oak OGLeaf Lettuce
2781XO  (53 days) Open-pollinated. Compact showy oakleaf lettuce has extreme deep maroon-red leaves with wavy margins. Shows great potential for winter production. read more
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Midnight Ruffles
Midnight Rufflessold out
2772MR  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Open frilly ruffled deep burgundy red summer leaf lettuce. Sweet, buttery, crunchy, no bitterness. Tolerates heat. read more
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New Red Fire
New Red Fire OGLeaf Lettuce
2775FO  (51 days) Open-pollinated. Large head with red ruffled leaves. Tender and sweet with almost no bitterness. Very bolt resistant and cold tolerant. Popular with market growers. read more
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PrizeheadLeaf Lettuce
2754PZ  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Large popular market lettuce with crinkly outer leaves tinged red. Bolts in heat. Excellent flavor. read more
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Really Red Deer Tongue
Really Red Deer Tongue OGLeaf Lettuce
2744RO  (48 days) Open-pollinated. Lettuce gene-pool with deep red pointed deer-tongue leaves and contrasting white-green stems. Withstands some heat. read more
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Red Sails
Red Sails OGsold out
2761RO  (49 days) Open-pollinated. Standard red leaf lettuce. Attractive 10-16" heads with purplish red-splashed leaves. Lightly crunchy with melting texture. Withstands some heat. read more
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Red Salad Bowl
Red Salad BowlLeaf Lettuce
2728RS  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bronze-red oakleaves. Compact frilly rosette. Buttery. Best in cool weather. read more
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Red Salad Bowl
Red Salad Bowl OGLeaf Lettuce
2729RO  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bronze-red oakleaves. Compact frilly rosette. Buttery. Best in cool weather. read more
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Red Tinged Winter
Red Tinged Winter OGLeaf Lettuce
2786WO  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Slightly ruffled green leaf lettuce is tinged bronze at the tips. Extreme cold tolerance. Fall, winter and spring production. read more
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Royal Oakleaf
Royal Oakleaf OGLeaf Lettuce
2771YO  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Fancy large dark green spiky oakleaf lettuce with consistent sweet flavor. Highly recommended for market growers. read more
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Salad Bowl
Salad BowlLeaf Lettuce
2722SB  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bright green frilly notched leaves. Compact rosette. Best in cool weather. read more
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Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl OGLeaf Lettuce
2723SO  (46 days) Open-pollinated. Bright green frilly notched leaves. Compact rosette. Best in cool weather. read more
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Slobolt OGLeaf Lettuce
2783SO  (53 days) Open-pollinated. Grand Rapids-type with slow early growth and pale-green leaves. Excellent heat tolerance and bolt resistance. Recommended for summer production. read more
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Strela Green
Strela Green OGsold out, substitute 2740.
2732GO  (47 days) Open-pollinated. Attractive spear-shaped rough-textured green leaves form a star-shaped rosette. Sweet flavor. Performs well in summer. read more
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Waldmann’sLeaf Lettuce
2769WL  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Attractive Grand Rapids-type produces large heads with bright green, crinkly leaves. Prefers cool weather. read more
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Lettuce Mix
DeLuxe Lettuce Mix
DeLuxe Lettuce Mix OGLettuce Mix
2983DO Contains those fancy, pricey and rare varieties; the Mercedes Benz of lettuce mixes and all organic! Light up your salad patch with contrasting... read more
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Freedom Lettuce Gene-Pool
Freedom Lettuce Gene-Pool OGLettuce Mix
2984FO An inspiring mix with plenty of surprises, this gene pool was created by Frank Morton in his so-called “Hell’s Half-Acre lettuce trial,” in which... read more
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Lettuce Mix
2980LM Light up your salad patch with contrasting colors and leaf forms! At least a half-dozen different lettuces, all suitable for cut-and-come-again... read more
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Lettuce Mix OG
2981LO A high-quality mix consisting entirely of certified-organic seed. For certified growers and folks wishing to avoid and and suppliers. Light... read more
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Red Carpet Lettuce Mix
Red Carpet Lettuce Mix OGLettuce Mix
2985RO Anyone who has tried Roberta Bailey’s mixes knows that they are among the best in the business. She chooses from all the superior organically... read more
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Summer Lettuce MixLettuce Mix
2986SM A special selection of red, green and bronze lettuce varieties that most years will stand well into July without bolting. Our best-selling lettuce... read more
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Winter Lettuce MixLettuce Mix
2988WM For those who crave fresh salads most of the year, a popular selection of varieties with the potential to survive the winter with protection and... read more
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Romaine Lettuce
Better Devil
Better Devil OGRomaine Lettuce
2862DO  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Compact uniform attractive lettuce with bronze tapered cos-like leaves. Large green veins tinged with purple. No bitterness. For early spring planting. read more
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Blushed Butter Cos
Blushed Butter Cos OGRomaine Lettuce
2854BO  (49 days) Open-pollinated. Unique Butterhead/Romaine combination with ruffled savoyed leaves dappled red and green. Very crisp and buttery. read more
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Crisp Mint
Crisp Mint OGRomaine Lettuce
2883CO  (70 days) Open-pollinated. ark green ruffled-leaved romaine with open habit and rounded top. Very crisp and sweet. Decent heat tolerance. read more
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Forellenschluss OGRomaine Lettuce
2858FO  (56 days) Open-pollinated. German Heirloom. Very attractive romaine has deep green leaves flecked with wine-red splotches. Excellent flavor and decent heat tolerance. Bestseller. read more
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Jericho OGsold out, substitute 2879.
2861JO  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Bred in Israel. Classic summer lettuce for warm regions. Hefty 2' romaine head of light green sword-shaped leaves. Excellent bolt resistance. read more
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Kaluraunavailable, crop had poor germination
2859KL Not available at this time. Please check back later. read more
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Majestic Red
Majestic RedRomaine Lettuce
2860MR  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Cylindrical, somewhat spreading head has very attractive savoyed rich bronze-red leaves. Very slow to bolt. read more
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Marshall OGRomaine Lettuce
2877MO  (67 days) Open-pollinated. Tall upright 8" romaine heads with smooth succulent dark red leaves and contrasting pink veins. No bitterness. read more
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Mayan Jaguar
Mayan Jaguar OGsold out
2856JO  (51 days) Open-pollinated. Best of the splotched speckled types. Dark green ruffled leaves mottled with maroon-red spots. Sweet juicy veins, blushed pink heart. Poor heat tolerance. read more
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Olga OGRomaine Lettuce
2874LO  (66 days) Open-pollinated. Elegant lime-green romaine has upright 8" oval heads with big hearts. Slightly fringed leaves. Excellent heat tolerance. read more
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Pandero OGRomaine Lettuce
2852PO  (44 days) Open-pollinated. From England. Compact Winter Density-type mini-romaine with very deep purple-red leaves. Very cold tolerant, decent heat tolerance. read more
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Parris Island Cos
Parris Island CosRomaine Lettuce
2879PI  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Market standard romaine. Upright 8-9" heads fold inward to form compact greenish-white centers. Resists bolting, even in heat. read more
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Plato II
Plato II OGRomaine Lettuce
2866PO  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Attractive romaine with dark green slightly ruffled heavily veined leaves. Excellent heat tolerance. read more
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Rouge d’Hiver
Rouge d’HiverRomaine Lettuce
2865RH  (65 days) Open-pollinated. French Heirloom. Semi-romaine head with deep red outer leaves. Green inner leaves with bronze tips. Bitter in heat. Excellent cold tolerance. Recommended for fall and overwintering. read more
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Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland OGsold out
2886WO  (70 days) Open-pollinated. Tall erect romaine with dark green leaves. Recommended for overwintering. Slow to bolt in heat. read more
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