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Dry Beans

Dry Bean
349SD  (89 days) Open-pollinated. Large white kidney bean with red-brown solider-like figures on the eye. Popular New England bean. read more

Pole Beans

Pole Bean
Northeaster Pole Bean ECO
278NP  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Kwintus. A superior early pole bean, always in short supply. Somewhat flattened pods are slow to get tough. read more


Par-Cel Cutting Celery
Par-Cel Cutting Celery ECO
3621PC (72 days) A curly cutting celery that looks like parsley but tastes more like celery. A fussy germinator outside, we recommend starting inside.... read more

Flower Seeds


Kablouna Mix
Kablouna Mix
4912KC Calendula officinalis (60 days) Striking crested blooms of gold, orange, lemon and apricot with dark centers. read more


Black Knight Pacific Giant
Black Knight Pacific Giant
5054KN Delphinium x cultorum Intense dark purple with black bees. Stately and breathtaking. Magnificent dense racemes make delphinium excellent in the... read more


Superb Pink
Superb Pinksold out
5066SP Dianthus superbus Feathery fragrant blooms in deep red, white, magenta, purple and rose. Knee high. read more

Sweet Peas

Black Knight
Black Knightsold out
5620BK Lathyrus odoratus Bred in 1898. Highly scented deep maroon flowers tolerant of heat. 5-6' vines. read more



3050CL  (40 days) Open-pollinated. Small, heart-shaped leaves with a mild but succulent flavor. Use in mesclun and cut-and-come-again culture. read more

Onions and Leeks

Red Onions

Red Bull
Red Onion
Red Bull
2493RB  (118 days) F-1 hybrid. Extremely hard large red onion avg 3-4" diameter. Excellent long storage ability. read more

Winter Squash

Butternut Winter Squash

Ponca Baby Butternut
Ponca Baby Butternutsold out, substitute 1683.
1684PC  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Small, 2 lb fruit with a small seed cavity. Good for short growing seasons. read more