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Winter Squash
Autumn Wings
Autumn WingsGourd
1957AW  (100 days) Open-pollinated. A vivid mix of greens, yellows, creams and whites on straight and curved necks, all with double sets of wings and fins. read more
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Baby Bottle
Baby Bottle OGsold out
1965BO  (110 days) Open-pollinated. Lagenaria siceraria. Mini-version of Bottle gourd with a shorter season. 2-3" diameter and 4-6" long. Start indoors. read more
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1990BS  (135 days) Open-pollinated. Lagenaria. Shaped like a large 18" bowl with a pot lid. Start indoors. read more
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Corsican Canteen
Corsican CanteenGourd
1974CC  (125 days) Open-pollinated. Lagenaria. 3.5x7" fruit shaped like an old-fashioned canteen. Used to make lidded bowls. Start indoors. read more
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Large Bottle or Birdhouse
Large Bottle or BirdhouseGourd
1966LB  (120 days) Open-pollinated. Lagenaria. Large gourd with bulbous base and narrow neck. Fruit can grow 14" tall and 12" in diameter. Start indoors. read more
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1962LU  (110 days) Open-pollinated. Used to make sponges and scrubbies. Also edible when harvested young. Requires a long season; start indoors. read more
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Professional Small Warted Mix
Professional Small Warted MixGourd
1939PW  (95 days) Open-pollinated. Warted assorted flats, rounds, short pears and spoons in a variety of colors and patterns. read more
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Small Ornamental Mix
Small Ornamental MixGourd
1912SM  (95 days) Open-pollinated. Eight kinds of early-maturing types, with small spoon, bicolored pear and small orange most prevalant. read more
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Speckled Swan
Speckled Swan OGsold out
1969SO (120 days) Lagenaria siceraria Open-pollinated. Fairgoers have gawked at these show-stealers, whether in Jack Kertesz’ demonstration gardens or at... read more
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Tennessee Dancing Gourd
Tennessee Dancing Gourd OGGourd
1909DO  (93 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom ornamental. Tiny 2-3" green-and-white striped bottle gourds. Rampant vines. Hard shells dry to tan. read more
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