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Beer Friend
Beer FriendSoybean
483BF (83 days) Open-pollinated. Steam these up and crack open a bottle of Old Engine Oil! Growing vigorously on lush robust 2½–3' vines, they were... read more
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Giant Midori
Giant Midori OGSoybean
493MO  (93 days) Open-pollinated. Pods are filled with two or three beans. Ideal for home gardeners but also good for a commercial production. read more
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Sayamusume OGsold out, substitute 491.
492SO  (92 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green pods typically produce two beans. Best tasting soybean in Fedco trials. read more
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Shirofumi OGSoybean
491FO  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Vigorous thigh-high vines make early concentrated sets of light green pods, averaging two beans per pods. read more
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Sumo OGsold out, substitute 483.
489UO (87 days) Open-pollinated. We fell in love with its voluminous production of two- and three-beaned yellow-green pods, ripening early September in... read more
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Tankuro OGsold out, substitute 491.
490TO  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Black-seeded 3' plants. Pods contain 2-3 beans. Excellent flavor. read more
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