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Dry Beans
Black Turtle
Black TurtleDry Bean
384BT  (102 days) Open-pollinated. Small black beans. An improved upright bush version of the heirloom. Excellent flavor. read more
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Calypso OGDry Bean
356CO  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Black and white bean. Produces 4-5 seeds per pods. Also called Orca or Yin-Yang bean. read more
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Croissant PintoDry Bean
368CP (99 days) Open-pollinated. Order a Croissant? No, you are not likely to find these in your favorite café, because these Croissants are... read more
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HutteriteDry Bean
340HT  (88 days) Open-pollinated. Greenish-tan seed with charcoal ring around the hilum. 2-3' bushes. Grown in North America since 1820s. read more
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Jacob’s Cattle
Jacob’s Cattle OGDry Bean
344JO  (88 days) Open-pollinated. Kidney-shaped bean with dark red speckles on white background. Popular New England heirloom. read more
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KenearlyDry Bean
353KE  (89 days) Open-pollinated. Plump oval medium-sized bean, cream with a yellow eye. Very similar to Maine Yellow Eye. read more
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King of the Early
King of the EarlyDry Bean
336KE  (85 days) Open-pollinated. Mottled red baking bean. Heavy yields. Maine family heirloom. read more
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Limelightsold out
333LL  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Compact plants set light green to white seeds similar to baby limas. Excellent as a shell and dry bean. read more
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MarfaxDry Bean
338MF  (86 days) Open-pollinated. Golden tan seed. High yielding. Adapted to cool climates. read more
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Monos NegrosDry Bean
358MN (90 days) Open-pollinated. The name means ‘black monkeys’ in Spanish. Marina Davis brought this small heirloom black bean to our attention. Plant... read more
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Red Kidney
Red KidneyDry Bean
376RK  (102 days) Open-pollinated. Early maturing light-red kidney bean. read more
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Saturday Night Special
Saturday Night Special OGsold out
388SO (105 days) Open-pollinated. Legendary plant breeder Elwyn Meader was hired by famous Maine baked bean company B&M (founded 1867) to breed a pea... read more
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Silver Cloud Cannellini
Silver Cloud Cannellini OGDry Bean
331CO  (70 days) Open-pollinated. White Cannelini bean. 5-6" short fat pods contain 5 plump seeds. Excellent flavor. read more
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SoldierDry Bean
350SD  (89 days) Open-pollinated. Large white kidney bean with red-brown solider-like figures on the eye. Popular New England bean. read more
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Tiger Eye
Tiger Eyesold out
335TE (65 days shell, 85 days dry) Open-pollinated. The Tiger is back! Also called Pepa de Zapallo, originally from Argentina and Chile and known to me... read more
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True Red Cranberry Pole
True Red Cranberry Pole OGunavailable, crop falure
371CO  (102 days) Open-pollinated. Plump round maroon seeds without streaking. Excellent flavor. read more
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Vermont Cranberry
Vermont CranberryDry Bean
328VC  (70 days) Open-pollinated. Pods contain 5 to 6 speckled cranberry-colored beans. Reliable and hardy. read more
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