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Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s Button Mix
Bachelor’s Button Mixsold out
4879BM Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Showy blend of blue, pink, red, white flowers with blue predominating. read more
Black Gem
Bachelor’s Button
Black Gem
4875BG Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Ruffled dark maroon. read more
Blue Boy
Blue Boysold out
4871BL Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Showy blue. Easy to grow. read more
Frosty Mix
Frosty Mixsold out
4873FR Centaurea cyanus (96 days) Dark centers in maroons and purples fade into white outer petals. read more
Red Boy
Red Boysold out
4877RB Centaurea cyanus (90 days) Deep red. read more