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Asian Greens


Kaori Green Shiso
Kaori Green Shisosold out
3282GP (85 days) Perilla frutescens var. crispa Open-pollinated. Really back this time after a long hiatus. For true shiso aficionados, this is the more... read more


Dry Beans

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eyesold out
335TE (65 days shell, 85 days dry) Open-pollinated. The Tiger is back! Also called Pepa de Zapallo, originally from Argentina and Chile and known to me... read more


Sumo OGsold out, substitute 483.
489UO (87 days) Open-pollinated. We fell in love with its voluminous production of two- and three-beaned yellow-green pods, ripening early September in... read more


Nantes Fancy
Nantes Fancy OGsold out, substitute 2060.
2051FO (68 days) Open-pollinated. Once our best-selling carrot, this longtime customer favorite has been hard to find. Classy Nantes type grows uniform... read more
Tonda di Parigi
Tonda di Parigi
2018TP (55 days) Open-pollinated. A round Parisian-type carrot that we prefer to the old Thumbelina. At 1½" Tonda is slightly longer than Thumbelina with... read more


Ventura OG/BD
3624VO (80 days) Ventura takes the difficulty out of growing celery. “Vigorous growth, good taste, very little punkiness in the center” praises Nicholas... read more


Brillant Celeriac
Brillant Celeriac OG
3646BO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. A classy early celeriac high yielding with relatively smooth roots, clean white... read more
Diamante Celeriac
Diamante Celeriac OGsold out, substitute 3646.
3645DO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. Celeriac, the frog prince of root vegetables, likes rain. Despite its ugly exterior,... read more

Cole Crops


Umpqua OG
3325UO (95 days) Open-pollinated. Developed in 1990 by Tim Peters, gets its name from the Umpqua River in Oregon. Handsome uniform dark-green 5–6" heads.... read more


Cascade Glaze
Cascade Glaze OG
3442GO (60 days) Open-pollinated. A re-selection of the venerable 1820 heirloom Green Glaze, by Alan Kapuler, Jeff McCormack and Carol Deppe (see 9372 in... read more


Rainbow Lacinato
Rainbow Lacinato OG
3457LO (61 days) Open-pollinated. Kale fans lamenting the fickle supply of several varieties much in demand will be thrilled that the 3-year hiatus for... read more


Yellow Sweet Corn

Ashworth OGsold out
516AO (72 days) Open-pollinated. A composite of early varieties originally developed by the late Fred Ashworth of St. Lawrence Nurseries and marketed... read more


Long-Fruited Cucumbers

Long-Fruited Cucumber
Telegraph Improved European
1392TE (60 days) Open-pollinated. “A consistent performer in our greenhouse,” related Michael Goldman of Florence, MA. Also suitable for growing... read more

Flower Seeds


Selma Suns Mix
Selma Suns Mix OG
5539SO Helianthus annuus Open-pollinated. Mix of fragrant polyheading 6" blooms with pointed petals and small dark center disks. Yellows, golds, maroons and reds. 6-7' tall. read more



Utrecht Blue Spring Wheat
Utrecht Blue Spring Wheat OG
4324UO Triticum durum Open-pollinated. This may be the world’s most beautiful wheat (though wheat’s forerunner Black Emmer would give it a run for the... read more



Speckled Friz Chickendive OGsold out
3075VO (70-90 days) Chicorium intybus x Chicorium endivia Open-pollinated. Don’t be chicken! Take a dive with these new and unusual chic greens from... read more


Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff
Sweet Woodruffsold out
4698SW Galium odoratum Open-pollinated. A lovely ground cover for shaded areas, its whorls of pointed leaves covered with clusters of tiny snowy-white... read more


Batavian Lettuce

Batavian Lettuce
Sierra OG
2907SO (50 days) Open-pollinated. Summer lettuce aficionados can rejoice that we again have a full fresh crop of organic seed of Sierra, a red-tinged... read more

Crisphead Lettuce

Webb’s Wonderful
Crisphead Lettuce
Webb’s Wonderful
2931WW (72 days) Introduced 1890 by Clarence Webb in England, came to us via Schultz. Webb’s remarkable large-veined slightly savoyed dark-green leaves... read more

Onions and Leeks

Red Onions

Red Onion
Red Wethersfield
2481RW (110 days) Open-pollinated. Grow a piece of history, the onion that made the town of Wethersfield, CT, famous and has been a home-garden favorite... read more


Snap Peas

Opal Creek
Snap Pea
Opal Creek
896CR (70 days) Open-pollinated. From a cross between Golden Sweet snow pea and tall Sugarsnap comes a new color for sugarsnaps! In her classic Breed... read more


Sweet Peppers

Tangerine Pimiento
Sweet Pepper
Tangerine Pimiento OG
3744TO (85 days) Open-pollinated. In the words of one customer, these beautiful pimientos are a joy to harvest, standing out “just like little lights.”... read more