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4836CV Amaranthus gangeticus (72 days) Gaudy amaranth with mahogany, green, bronze and hot pink foliage, nearly 6' tall. read more
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Copperheadunavailable, crop failed germination test
4833CH Amaranthus cruentus (46 days) Glorious copper-colored seedheads atop majestic 5' stalks. read more
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Elephant Head
Elephant Head OGAmaranth
4837EO Amaranthus gangeticus (90 days) Heirloom with deep reddish-maroon blooms. 3-5' tall. read more
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Green Love-Lies-Bleedingsold out, substitute 4831.
4832GL Amaranthus caudatus (90 days) Pale green 2' long seedheads dangle from 3-5' plants. read more
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Hopi Red Dye
Hopi Red Dye OGAmaranth
4835HO Amaranthus caudatus (46 days) Stately 6' plant with 1-2' deep burgundy inflorescences. Traditional food dye. read more
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4831LL Amaranthus caudatus (90 days) Vigorous 2-4' branching annual with long drooping red tassels. read more
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Globe Amaranths
Las Vegas Mix Globe Amaranth
Las Vegas Mix Globe AmaranthGlobe Amaranth
5109MG Gomphrena globosa Three vibrant colors: pink, purple and white. read more
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Las Vegas Purple Globe Amaranth
Las Vegas Purple Globe AmaranthGlobe Amaranth
5102PG Gomphrena globosa Beautiful round clover-like 1" purple flowers on 2' stems perfect for drying. Also enjoyable as bedding plant. Annual. read more
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QIS Red Globe Amaranth
QIS Red Globe AmaranthGlobe Amaranth
5104QG Gomphrena globosa Vibrant strawberry-red profuse blooms. read more
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Opopeo OGAmaranth
4300OO Amaranthus hybridus (65 days to flower, 125 days to seed) Open-pollinated. The grain of the gods from Opopeo, Mexico. Doubles as a wonderful green... read more
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Red CalalooAmaranth
4301RC Amaranthus tricolor (120 days) Open-pollinated. Calaloo is a Caribbean stew that has many local variations, and is the name of the greens usually... read more
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