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Garland Serrated Chrysanthemum

Garland Serrated Chrysanthemum

(40 days) C. coronarium Open pollinated. Grown for its aromatic greens with an unusual taste appreciated by devotees. This strain was superior to other Shungiku varieties in our trial. Its 5" flowers (buttercup yellow, edged in white with serrated tips) were larger and better for the edible flower market and its small grey-green serrated leaves had distinctly more chrysanthemum taste. It also makes a great yellow dye plant. The Japanese use it in hearty one-pot winter stews known as oden. Also good in salads, soups and stir-fries. Plant thickly in early spring (or summer for a fall crop) and harvest green leaves when stems are 4–8'' tall, before buds appear. 15,000 seeds/oz.
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