Gammel Gotlandsk

Gammel Gotlandsk Salsify ECO

(120 days) Tragopogon porrifolius Open-pollinated biennial also known as oyster plant, its flavor bearing only the most fanciful resemblance to that of the bivalve mollusc. (Closer to that of the artichoke, claims Maine garden writer Barbara Damrosch.) This variety came to us from our friends at Runabergs Froer who described it as “the best” in their trials. Nikos agrees it is the best and highest-yielding salsify she’s ever seen. Its name means ‘old from the Island of Gotland,’ the largest island off the coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. Similar to Scorzonera, sporting one long 8–9" taproot, described by Damrosch as having “tan and shaggy” bark concealing its snow-white interior. Thicker than a pencil but by no means as thick as a carrot. May be wintered over like a parsnip and harvested in the spring before it goes to seed. Comes up like a big grass clump; thin the plants for adequate room. In the second year each plant sets dozens of little purple daisy-like blossoms that open to 4" puffballs.

2318 Gammel Gotlandsk ECO
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