Royale Mix Painted Tongue


Royale Mix Painted Tongue

Salpiglossis sinuata
Noted for its exquisite velvety texture. Popular as a cutting flower in Victorian times, it was often planted in geometric patterns in an art form known as mosaiculture. Extremely floriferous 15–20" plants produce masses of elegant 3" trumpet flowers in a broad range of colors from chocolate, red, purple and yellow to purple-orange and pale blue bicolors. Germinates in 15 days at 70°. Likes long days, lots of light and cool nighttime temperatures (50°) to grow on. Set out in a location with partial shade, good drainage and protection from the wind. Deadheading prolongs blooms. Native to the Andes. Annual. ~4,500 seeds/g.

5303 Royale Mix Painted Tongue
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