Red Chidori

Red Chidori Flowering Kale

Brassica oleracea F-1 hybrid. Flowering kale is called Ha-Botan in Japan, meaning ‘leafy peony.’ The Japanese are world leaders in hybridizing these ornamentals, and in Red Chidori they have brought their work to its ultimate expression. Chidori had the brightest purple outer leaves and the sharpest red centers of any we tried. These colors reach their zenith shortly after frost when other garden hues are fading. Red Chidori leaves have finely ruffled edges that further accent their beauty. Allow enough space to grow 8–12" high and 12–14" across. Biennial grown as an annual. Tested negative for BR and BL.

5084 Red Chidori
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Additional Information

Flowering Cabbage & Kale

Sometimes used for garnishes or in salad mixes. Well adapted to cold climates, they are at their best when most flowers have given in to fall frosts. ~350 seeds/g.


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