Certified Organic Seed at Fedco

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Fedco Seeds is a certified organic processor under the National Organic Program. Our facilities are inspected by MOFGA Certification Services. Each variety labeled as organic in our catalog has been certified by a USDA-approved agency. By maintaining an audit trail and careful procedures we ensure that our certified organic seed will not be contaminated.

If you buy organic seed because you are a certified grower, save your invoice from us and your packet labels so you can keep track of lot numbers to maintain your own audit trail.

The NOP rule requires organic growers to use certified-organic seed whenever it is commercially available. While in practice it still leaves a wide range of choices, certifiers have been interpreting it increasingly strictly, though they differ in what constitutes a good faith effort to locate organic seed. Consult your regional certifier for their specific seed requirements.

In response, we continue to expand our range of suppliers and our offerings of certified organic varieties. In particular, we have added a few F-1 hybrid organic options that our trialers deem worth the extra seed cost.

Your invoice is your documentation that we are a certified-organic handler. Click here to view our certificate. Seeds and seed potatoes labeled ‘Organic’ are certified organic. Some of our amendments and supplies are on the national list or the OMRI list, but it is your responsibility to check with your certifier about the allowability of any product.

Sustainably Grown Seed

All seed in our catalog offered as “certified organic” comes from certified farms. Even farms grossing under $5,000 that would otherwise be exempt from certification must get certified for us, as a processor, to label their product “certified organic.”

Believing it essential to the democracy and self-reliance of our agricultural community and to our integrity as a seed supplier, we have painstakingly built our network of small seed growers over the past 25 years. Most of our growers use farm and seed revenues to supplement income from other jobs. Only a minority gross over $5,000 farming.

Although most practice sustainable farming methods conscientiously, some eschew certification for a variety of reasons, ideological, economic and otherwise. In this catalog we are using the ecological label ECO after the variety name to describe uncertified seeds grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers in gardens and on farms which maintain an active soil-building program. Often this seed is as sustainably grown as the certified organic seed. We hope you will continue to support these ECO growers with your purchases.

We use the label BD for those varieties certified biodynamically grown. Some varieties have both biodynamic and organic certification and so will have the symbol OG/BD.