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Pole Beans


Skunk Bean - ECO unavailable, no supply
364 Phaseolus vulgaris (70 days shell, 90 days dry) Open-pollinated. Black and white bean delicious fresh or dried. Well-adapted to short growing seasons. Plant climbs 7-9' read more


Pole Bean
True Red Cranberry Pole Bean - Organic
371 Phaseolus vulgaris (102 days) Open-pollinated. Plump round maroon beans with no streaking. Excellent flavor, rich and creamy. read more

Shell & Dry Beans


Shell & Dry Bean
Jacob’s Cattle - Organic
344 Phaseolus vulgaris (88 days) Open-pollinated. Kidney-shaped bean with dark red speckles on white background. Popular New England heirloom. read more


Vermont Cranberry - Organic sold out
328 Phaseolus vulgaris (70 days shell, 95 days dry) Open-pollinated. Pods contain 5-6 speckled cranberry-colored beans. Reliable and hardy heirloom. read more


Flour Corn


Hopi Blue - ECO unavailable, - supply unavailable
691 Zea mays (100 days) Open-pollinated. 9' plants make 8-10" ears with deep kernels. Drought tolerant. Grinds easily into blue flour. read more

Flower Seeds



Hopi Red Dye - Organic
4835 Amaranthus cruentus (46 days) Open-pollinated. Stately 6' plant with 1-2' deep burgundy inflorescences. Traditional food dye. read more

Dye Plants


Dye Plant
Hopi Black Dye Sunflower - Organic
5906 Helianthus annuus (90-100 days) Open-pollinated. Rare indigenous heirloom used as a natural dye source for coloring baskets purplish charcoal. Also edible. 8' stalks. read more


Large Pumpkins


Large Pumpkin
Connecticut Field
1748 Cucurbita pepo (115 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom jack o' lantern. 15-25 lb orange fruit. Not uniform in size or shape. read more

Squash - Summer

Yellow Summer Squash


Yellow Summer Squash
Early Summer Yellow Crookneck - Organic
1539 Cucurbita pepo (58 days) Open-pollinated. Classic heirloom. Deep yellow warted fruit with bulbous blossom end and narrow curved neck. Excellent flavor. read more

Squash - Winter

Specialty & Heirloom Squash


Seminole - Organic sold out
1693 Cucurbita moschata (110 days) Open-pollinated. Buff tear-drop shaped 7 lb fruit with very hard rind stores long. Delicious deep orange flesh. Seminole heirloom. read more


Slicing Tomatoes


Slicing Tomato
Cherokee Purple - Organic
4059 Lycopersicon esculentum (77 days) Open-pollinated. Dusky brownish-purple with green shoulders, 10-13 oz, round to slightly oblate. Brick-red flesh. One of the best-tasting heirlooms. read more