Jelly Beans Poppy


Jelly Beans Poppy

Eschscholzia californica
Unlike the jelly beans of our childhood, these are eye candy only, except to the bees and hover flies attracted by their nectar. These Jelly Beans are vibrant in their bright irresistible colors: bubblegum pink, white, orange, raspberry red, pale orange—some striped, some doubled—against feathery silver-blue foliage. The state flower of California is excellent for borders, rock gardens, bedding. Likes full sun. Do not transplant. Direct seed in May after soil has begun warming. Make succession plantings for blooms all summer. From an April 11 start, Donna Dyrek’s first blooms were on Bastille Day. Still bloomed after a 27° mid-October frost. 8–12" tall. Annual. ~700 seeds/g. Especially attractive to pollinators.

5381 Jelly Beans
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