Burgundy Gaillardia


Burgundy Gaillardia

Gaillardia aristata
Perennial to Zone 4. Also known as Blanketflower. All the toughness of a prairie native enhanced with the solid deep wine color of a sophisticated garden-tour specimen. 3–4" daisy-like flowers bloom all summer on 2–3' plants. A favorite of butterflies and of gardeners who like to bring cutflowers inside. Fancy but low-maintenance cultivar. Plant 18–24" apart. About 280 seeds/g. Especially attractive to pollinators.

5097 Burgundy
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Also known as Blanket Flower. Named for Gaillard de Charentonneau, an 18th-c. French botanical patron. Daisy-type flowers in reds, yellow, rust and orange with a prominent colored center. Free flowering, low maintenance and easy to grow. Attracts butterflies. Good cutflower.

Culture: Well-drained soil in full sun, tolerates drought. Perennials and annuals have slightly different growth specifications, detailed in their descriptions.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.

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