All Certified Organic Seed Rack - Organic

All Certified Organic
28 best-selling organic varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Click here to download a PDF listing the specific items in this collection (we will make substitutions if we run out of any items).

5953 All Certified Organic - Organic
Item Discounted
A: 5 of each with rack for $359.00   ($323.10)
B: 10 of each with rack for $683.00   ($580.55)
C: 5 of each without rack for $324.00   ($291.60)
D: 10 of each without rack for $648.00   ($550.80)
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Additional Information

Fedco’s Packet Rack Program for Retailers

Portable cardboard packet racks suitable for all our A-size packets. The top slots hold about 4 packets of peas, beans or corn; all slots hold at least 10 packets of the other crops. Dimensions for the 28-slot rack are 14" deep, 20" wide, 62" high. For the 56-slot rack 14x30x64". Each collection has 28 or 56 varieties and either 5 or 10 packets of each variety.

Ground rules:

  • Collections qualify for all regular volume discounts, as do re-orders of $50 and over.
  • Collections may be combined with individual packet orders to reach higher discount levels.
  • Packets are our regular design. We will furnish samples on request.
  • Pre-order, prepay.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • All re-orders will be advanced to the front of the line for fast service.
  • No returns.
  • Varieties our choice; no substitutions.
  • We will make substitutions if we run out of any items in the collections.
  • Reorder requests will be honored until June 1.
  • Retailers remove packets from racks by July 31; don’t sell stale seed.
  • No suggested retail. Determine the profit margin you need.
  • Questions? email