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Flower Seeds


Elka OG
5350EO Papaver Double-purpose poppy produces white lavender single blossoms and large seed heads. White seeds have sweet, nutlike taste. 4'. read more


Specialty Cucumbers

Mexican Sour Gherkin
Specialty Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gherkin
1243MG  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Melothria scabra. Vigorous but delicate climbing vine. Profuse bearing of 1" oblong green and white fruits. Eat fresh or pickled. read more

Flower Seeds


Ziar Breadseed
Ziar Breadseed OG
5351ZO Papaver Ornamental single pink to red petals with centers ranging from pale red to dark. Large seedheads produce blue seeds. read more


Tricolor Salvia
Tricolor Salvia
5419TS Salvia viridis White and blue flowers set off by large pink-to-purple bracts. Leaves entirely green. Remains colorful when dried. 18" stalks. read more


Specialty Greens

New Zealand Spinach
Specialty Green
New Zealand Spinach
2592NZ  (52 days) Open-pollinated. New Zealand native plant. Spinach-like green stands well in the heat of summer. read more


Carawaynot available yet, check back later
4507CW Carum carvi Open-pollinated. Feathery-leaved 2' biennial grown primarily for its seeds to season soups, stews, breads and pastries. Its leaves are... read more


Culinary Pumpkins

Winter Luxury
Culinary Pumpkin
Winter Luxury OG
1718WO  (100 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. 7-8 lb rich-orange globed fruit with distinct finely russeted netted skin. Excellent for pies. read more