Reseda odorata “Mignonette should not be forgotten, on account of its delicious odor.” –Breck’s, 1885. Once fashionable on the balconies of Paris, popular enough to command 7 listings in Burpee’s 1935 catalog. A revived interest in scent may help it regain its lost cachet. Among the most fragrant, its insignificant yellow-green blossoms send the enticing scent of raspberries wafting through the air. Less than a foot high, it can be grown in pots and moved for best effect; however, its scent will fade if it is removed from full-day sun. Direct seed; do not cover. Make succession plantings for continuous blooms. Prefers fertile well-drained soil and cool weather. Burpee claimed a light sandy soil brings out its most pronounced perfume. Annual. ~750 seeds/g.

5255 Mignonette
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