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Asian Greens
Garland Serrated Chrysanthemum
Garland Serrated Chrysanthemum
Garland Serrated Chrysanthemum
3203GS  (40 days) Open-pollinated. Shungiku-type prized for small grey-green leaves and 5" yellow flowers, both edible. Sow in spring. read more
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Kaori Green Shiso
Kaori Green ShisoShiso
3282GP (85 days) Perilla frutescens var. crispa Open-pollinated. Really back this time after a long hiatus. For true shiso aficionados, this is the more... read more
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Red Shiso
Red ShisoShiso
3283RS  (85 days) Open-pollinated. Ornamental and edible purplish-red cinnamon-scented leaves. read more
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Brillant Celeriac
Brillant Celeriac OGCeleriac
3646BO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. A classy early celeriac high yielding with relatively smooth roots, clean white... read more
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Diamante Celeriac
Diamante Celeriac OGsold out, substitute 3646.
3645DO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. Celeriac, the frog prince of root vegetables, likes rain. Despite its ugly exterior,... read more
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Mars Celeriac
Mars Celeriacsold out, substitute 3646.
3647MR (100 days) Apium graveolens var. rapaceum Our replacement for Brilliant, Mars is very similar, sporting good-sized uniform white roots with dense... read more
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Globe Artichoke
Imperial Star
Imperial Star OGGlobe Artichoke
3608SO  (120 days) Open-pollinated. Each plant produces more than one and up to eight edible bracts/flower buds. read more
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Good King Henry
Good King Henry
Good King Henrysold out
3096KH Open-pollinated. Heirloom Perennial grows in Z3-9. Ancient European potherb. Culture, harvest, and prepare much like asparagus; use leaves like spinach. read more
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Sea Kale
Sea Kale
Sea Kale
3099SK Crambe maritima Open-pollinated. Heirloom Perennial hardy Z5. Native to seashores of northern Europe. Blanched tender shoots for spring and winter. read more
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Yu Mai Tsai
Yu Mai TsaiLettuce
2716YM (45-60 days) Also known as Sword Leaf or Pointed Leaf lettuce. Interest is slowly increasing in this novelty distinguished by its long thin... read more
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Balady Aswan
Balady Aswan OGCeltuce
2715LO  (45 days) Open-pollinated. Ancient form of Egyptian celtuce, allowed to bolt and enjoyed for its 12-14" stems with creamy flavor. Emerald-green leaves can be harvested through bolting. read more
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Beck’s Big Buck
Beck’s Big Buck OGOkra
3699BO  (85 days) Open-pollinated. Big fluted tender green pods on sturdy plants. Will produce in central Maine, but better suited to farther south. read more
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Cajun Jewel
Cajun Jewel OGOkra
3695JO  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Early 1x7" pods. Dwarf spineless 3-4' plants. Adapts well to cooler climate. read more
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Red Burgundy
Red Burgundy OGOkra
3697GO  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Edible and ornamental. Slender burgundy pods best harvested at 4". Green leaves and burgundy stems and pods. read more
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Onions and Leeks
Rampssold out
2433RM Allium tricoccum (6-18 months) Open-pollinated. Sometimes called Wild Leeks. This bulb-forming perennial is a spring ephemeral in my area but it... read more
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Other Roots
2300TG  (120 days) Open-pollinated. Standard Japanese variety. Thin 1-2' long mild earthy root for stir-fries, soups and herbal medicine. Can be dug in spring with parsnips. read more
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Root Parsley
AratRoot Parsley
2301AR  (88 days) Open-pollinated. Nutty-flavored nearly foot-long root for soup and specialty cooking. Also produces edible flat parsley leaves. read more
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Gammel Gotlandsk
Gammel Gotlandsk ECOSalsify
2318GG (120 days) Tragopogon porrifolius Open-pollinated biennial also known as oyster plant, its flavor bearing only the most fanciful resemblance to... read more
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Noir de Russie
Noir de RussieScorzonera
2322NR  (120 days) Open-pollinated. European Heirloom. Long narrow dark-skinned white-fleshed root. Distinctive. read more
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Husk Cherry
Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry OGHusk Cherry
4005MO  (72 days) Open-pollinated. Golden berries in papery husks. Smaller than 4008 Husk Cherry, but more flavorful. Sweet, nutty, delicious snack. read more
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Purple Blush OGTomatillo
4012BO (68 days) Open-pollinated. Mislabeled ‘Purple Lush’ in our trials, a moniker that stuck the more we observed its lush production of large 2"+... read more
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Caucasian Mountain Spinach
Caucasian Mountain Spinach
2590CM Hablitzia tamnoides Open-pollinated. Perennial spinach-like green. Hardy vine from the Caucasus grows 6-9' long for 2-3 months beginning very early spring. Harvest shoots and leaves. read more
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New Zealand Spinach
New Zealand Spinach
New Zealand Spinachsold out
2592NZ  (52 days) Open-pollinated. New Zealand native plant. Spinach-like green stands well in the heat of summer. read more
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Summer Squash
Bitter Melon
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragonsold out
1596JD (65 days) F-1 hybrid, Momordica charantia. Bright pastel-green bumps and fluting cover the curvaceous lines of this well-named 8–14" exotic... read more
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