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Bush Haricots Verts
Maxibel OGBush Haricots Vert
249MO  (61 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green straight 6-8" filet pods. Heavy producer. Excellent flavor. Speckled brown seed. read more
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Bush Wax Beans
Gold Rush
Gold Rush OGBush Wax Bean
265RO  (54 days) Open-pollinated. Straight round stringless tender yellow pods with green tips. High yields, holds well. read more
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2126KO (53 days baby; 85 days full size) F1-hybrid. This dual purpose solid, red, round beet is good as a baby bunching beet and as a full size storage... read more
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Ventura OG/BDCelery
3624VO (80 days) Ventura takes the difficulty out of growing celery. “Vigorous growth, good taste, very little punkiness in the center” praises Nicholas... read more
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Brillant Celeriac
Brillant Celeriac OGCeleriac
3646BO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. A classy early celeriac high yielding with relatively smooth roots, clean white... read more
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Cole Crops
3452RB  (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Ornamental-edible 3' tall plants with ruffled red kale leaves. Purple intensifies in cool weather. Very cold hardy. read more
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3453WB  (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Curled ruffled rich blue-green leaves. Mild flavor. Very vigorous and cold hardy. read more
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Fluffy Ruffles
Fluffy Ruffles OGsold out, substitute 5378.
5371RO Color range includes red, pink and white. Double, but not a full pompon; the fringes on the petal ends give it a spider-aster or cactus-dahlia... read more
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Elecampanesold out
4549EC Inula helenium Open-pollinated. Also known as Horseheal, Wild Sunflower and Elf Dock. Large dramatic plant is an excellent lung tonic. Important... read more
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Yu Mai Tsai
Yu Mai TsaiLettuce
2716YM (45-60 days) Also known as Sword Leaf or Pointed Leaf lettuce. Interest is slowly increasing in this novelty distinguished by its long thin... read more
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Onions and Leeks
Megaton OGsold out
2418MO  (90 days) F-1 hybrid. Refined uniform fall leek with classic straight dense medium-length white shank. Blue-green foliage. read more
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Shell Peas
Green Arrow
Green Arrow OGShell Pea
761GO (65 days) The pea preferred by commercial growers, always on target for heavy yields. Sets the standard for midseason varieties. Long pods with up... read more
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Magical MysteryShell Pea
760MP (65 days) The Magical Mystery Pea returns! This is not the same as we offered in the past under this name. This lot came to us in error. The... read more
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Snap Peas
Cascadia OGSnap Pea
889CO  (65 days) Open-pollinated. 2.5-3' vines. 3" pods. Matures about one week later than Sugar Ann. read more
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Sugar Ann
Sugar Ann OGSnap Pea
883AO (58 days) 1983 Silver All-America winner bred by Calvin Lamborn and named for one of his daughters. Very popular both with home gardeners and... read more
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Sugarsnap OGSnap Pea
893SO (68 days) Always a top seller, this breakthrough variety was ten years in the making after breeder Lamborn made his first cross in 1969. Upon its... read more
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Snow Peas
Blizzard OGSnow Pea
822BO (61 days) Blizzards of all sizes have returned to our winterscapes and to our seed catalog. Producing this seed crop is a trial of perseverance.... read more
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Oregon Giant
Oregon Giant OGSnow Pea
819GO (60 days) This Oregon State University release bred by Dr. James Baggett is our most popular snow pea. A giant selection from a giant breeder,... read more
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Summer Squash
Costata Romanesca
Costata Romanesca OGsold out, substitute 1434.
1457CO  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Italian heirloom. Cylindrical. Deeply ribbed striped tender fruit. Excellent flavor. Also good for blossom production. read more
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4211PM  (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Ind. Red round uniform 4 oz fruits. Early and prolifically. Firm, juicy and refreshing. Excellent holding quality in the field. read more
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Soldacki OGTomato
4071SO  (80 days) Open-pollinated. Ind. Pink 14 oz globes. Great sandwich tomato. Heavy yields on tall potato-leaf vines. read more
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