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Summer Radishes
ChampionSummer Radish
2234CH  (25 days) Open-pollinated. Smooth-skinned scarlet-red radish with firm mild white flesh. read more
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CherietteSummer Radish
2243CT  (26 days) F-1 hybrid. Very uniform round scarlet-red radish with crisp sweet mildly tangy white flesh. Maintains high quality in heat. read more
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Cherry Belle
Cherry BelleSummer Radish
2214CB  (25 days) Open-pollinated. 3/4" diameter smooth-skinned red bunching radish. Firm white flesh. read more
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Easter Egg
Easter EggSummer Radish
2224EE  (25 days) Open-pollinated. Bunching radish color mix. Includes pink, purple, red, violet and white. Bestseller. read more
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French Breakfast
French BreakfastSummer Radish
2248FB  (26 days) Open-pollinated. French Heirloom. Medium-sized olive-shaped scarlet-red radish with a pure white tip. read more
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GlorietteSummer Radish
2212GL  (24 days) F-1 hybrid. Early uniform globe-shaped bright red radish. Flesh is snow white, crisp, mild and juicy. Strong tops. read more
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HailstoneSummer Radish
2240HS  (25 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Crisp juicy 1" round smooth snow-white radish. Small foliage for close spacing. read more
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Plum Purple
Plum Purple OGsold out
2253PO  (26 days) Open-pollinated. Popular plum-colored ping pong ball-sized radish with crisp white flesh. Tolerant to culture under row cover. read more
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White Icicle
White IcicleSummer Radish
2262WI  (30 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Slender 4-6" long white radish of high quality. Harvest young. Recommended for home gardens. read more
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ZlataSummer Radish
2257ZT  (30 days) Open-pollinated. Polish origin. Medium-sized bunching radish with yellow-tan russeted skin. White flesh is crunchy, crisp and lightly spicy. read more
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Winter Radishes
Green Meat
Green MeatWinter Radish
2267GM  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Asian Specialty. Miniature daikon radish, 6-9" long by 1-3" wide. White with green shoulders. Lime-green flesh. Excellent storage. read more
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Hild’s Blauer OGsold out
2273HO (80 days) Open-pollinated. Our romance with Hild’s Blauer started eight years ago, at first a flirtation based on looks—exquisite skin color, more... read more
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Mini Purple
Mini PurpleWinter Radish
2277MP (50 days) F-1 hybrid. Wide plumb-bob–shaped 5" long by 2½" wide roots with gorgeous Easter egg bluish-purple skin and greenish-purple shoulders... read more
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Misato Rose
Misato Rose OGWinter Radish
2268MO  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Greenish-tan to rose skin, rose flesh. Spicy but not harsh. For fall crop, a good keeper. read more
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Munchener BierWinter Radish
2266MB  (55 days) Open-pollinated. German Specialty. Mildly pungent large white tapered radish with edible 2-3" seed pods. read more
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Rat-tailWinter Radish
2264RT  (50 days) Open-pollinated. Asian Heirloom, Specialty. Grown for its immature purple-green pungent seed pods. Harvest young for best quality. read more
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Round Black Spanish
Round Black SpanishWinter Radish
2270BS  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Spanish Heirloom. Turnip-shaped 4" long radish with black skin and pungent white flesh. Excellent long storage ability. read more
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Saisai Leaf
Saisai Leafsold out
2263SS  (35 days) F-1 hybrid. Asian Specialty. Grown for its pale green tender juicy mild young leaves. Mature root can be used like daikon. read more
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SaitaroWinter Radish
2285ST (69 days) F-1 hybrid. Like a stark late January moon crossed by clouds, Winter Light daikon glimmered but is now fading, yanked by the supplier.... read more
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Watermelonsold out
2265WR  (55 days) Open-pollinated. Oblong green-and-white-skinned radish with sweet tender bright rose flesh. Good for storage. read more
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Winter Light
Winter Lightsold out, substitute 2285.
2281WL (62 days) F-1 hybrid. From Japan, a perfect-in-form compromise between the short stubby “half-long” Korean types and the standard arm- (or leg!)... read more
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