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Hot Peppers
AnaheimHot Pepper
3807AN  (78 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green to red 7" long tapered. Pungent, moderately hot; 900-2,500 Scovilles. Typical pepper for chiles rellenos. read more
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Beaver Dam
Beaver DamHot Pepper
3804BD  (80 days) Open-pollinated. Red-orange 3x6" horn-shaped fruit tapers to a blunt point. Sweet and mildly spicy; 500-1,000 Scovilles. read more
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Bulgarian Carrot Chile
Bulgarian Carrot ChileHot Pepper
3853BC  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Fluorescent orange 1.5x3.5" fruits look like tiny carrots. Fruity and hot. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. read more
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Chimayo OGHot Pepper
3829HO (70 days) Open-pollinated. Named for a New Mexico town at the base of the Rockies where these smoky complex richly flavored, but not terribly hot... read more
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Czech Black
Czech Black OGHot Pepper
3816BO  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Black 2.5" long conical peppers ripen to lustrous garnet. Mild, juicy, thick-walled, a little less spicy than a jalapeno; 2,000-5,000 Scovilles. read more
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Early Jalapeño
Early JalapeñoHot Pepper
3834EJ  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Dark green 3x1" sausage-shaped blunt fruit. Brown netting appears as fruit ripens to dark red. Hot! 4,000-6,500 Scovilles. Early. read more
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FireballHot Pepper
3819FB  (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Shiny-green to blazing-red small strawberry-shaped cherry-type. Sweet and spicy, 2,500-5,000 Scovilles. read more
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FishHot Pepper
3849FS  (80 days) Open-pollinated. Striking color display, white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes, to red. 2" curving pendant form. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. Attractive foliage. read more
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HabaneroHot Pepper
3874HB  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Green to tangerine Scotch Bonnet-type wrinkled pendulous fruit. Blisteringly hot, 200,000-325,000 Scovilles. Needs heat to grow well. read more
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Hidalgo Serrano
Hidalgo Serrano OGHot Pepper
3841DO  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Light green to bright scarlet 2.5x.5" finger-shaped fruits. Slightly hotter than jalapeno, 6,000-17,000 Scovilles. read more
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Hinkelhatz OGsold out, substitute 3874.
3870HO  (88 days) Open-pollinated. Red wrinkly .75x1.5" tapered fruit. Thick juicy flesh and tough skins. Hot, 125,000 Scovilles. read more
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Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh OGHot Pepper
3856HO  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Bright yellow to orange, 4-5" long, finger-shaped cayenne. Good flavor; 30,000 Scovilles. Prolific. read more
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Hot Portugal
Hot Portugal OGHot Pepper
3845PO  (64 days) Open-pollinated. Glossy scarlet elongated fruits, 5-8" long and 1" diameter, with classic wrinkled hip. 5,000-30,000 Scovilles. Early and productive. read more
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Hungarian Hot Wax
Hungarian Hot WaxHot Pepper
3837HH  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Smooth waxy yellow 5.5x1.5" tapered fruits ripen to orange then red. Semi-hot, 5,000-10,000 Scovilles. Early and prolific. read more
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Jaluv An Attitude
Jaluv An Attitude OGHot Pepper
3831JO  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Thicker-skinned jalapeno-like fruits. Delicious hot fruity flavor; 2,500-8,000 Scovilles. Adapted to northern latitudes. read more
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Long Red Narrow Cayenne
Long Red Narrow CayenneHot Pepper
3821CY  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Bright red, 5-6" long by 1/2" wide tapered and often curled. Hot, pungent; 3,500-5,000 Scovilles. Dries easily. Prolific. read more
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Matchbox OGHot Pepper
3866MO  (75 days) Open-pollinated. Pale green to deep scarlet 2" long, 1/3" wide. Hot! 30,000-50,000 Scovilles. Prolific. read more
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Some Like it Hot Mix
Some Like it Hot MixHot Pepper
3897SH  (64-90 days) Includes 5-7 different kinds in one packet. We'll mix colors, shapes and flavors. read more
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Thai Hot
Thai Hot OGHot Pepper
3860TO  (82 days) Open-pollinated. Tiny bright red 1" conical fruits stand erect from foliage. Very hot, 25,000-40,000 Scovilles. Pretty and prolific. read more
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Tiburon Ancho/Poblano
Tiburon Ancho/PoblanoHot Pepper
3811TB  (65 days) F-1 hybrid. Glossy dark green to brick red large 3-lobed horn-shaped fruits, 3.5-5" long by 2.5" wide. Thick-walled, sweet, mild; 2,000 Scovilles. read more
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Sweet Peppers
AconcaguaSweet Pepper
3769AC (85 days) Open-pollinated. The highest peak in both the Western and Southern hemispheres, Aconcagua in Argentina stands a lofty 22,841 ft. It is... read more
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Amish Pimiento
Amish Pimiento OGsold out, substitute 3744.
3741PO  (85 days) Open-pollinated. Red squat ribbed fleshy 2x4" pimiento. Rich, sweet, fruity. Productive and relatively early. read more
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Boldog Hungarian Spice Paprika
Boldog Hungarian Spice Paprika OGSweet Pepper
3759BO  (71 days) Open-pollinated. Red 4-6" long wrinkled tapered pendant fruits. Good fresh, strung into ristras, or dried and ground. Prolific. read more
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Carmen OGSweet Pepper
3757CO  (70 days) F-1 hybrid. Deep carmine horn-shaped 2.5x6" fruits avg 5 oz. Classic Italian Corno di Toro type. Unusually sweet. Widely adapted and early maturing. read more
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Chocolate OGSweet Pepper
3735CO  (80 days) Open-pollinated. 4-6" tapered fruits turn from green to glossy brown. Thick-walled burgundy flesh. Tasty and prolific. read more
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Chocolate CakeSweet Pepper
3737CC (90 days) Open-pollinated. In these times of gluten, dairy and sugar avoidance, here’s a Chocolate Cake everyone can enjoy. In taste tests this... read more
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CubanelleSweet Pepper
3766CU  (80 days) Open-pollinated. 6x2" waxy yellow-green frying pepper. Turns red. Not pungent. Very prolific. read more
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Feher Ozon
Feher Ozon OGSweet Pepper
3776FO  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Light yellow to red 3x4.5" pointed fruits. Juicy, sweet, flavorful. Ripens to red and can be dried for paprika. Incredibly productive. read more
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FlavorburstSweet Pepper
3729FB  (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Granny-Smith-green to goldenrod-yellow 4-6" blocky bell. Thick-walled, crisp and juicy. Great fresh-eating or stuffed. read more
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Gilboa OGSweet Pepper
3706GO (66 days) F-1 hybrid. Our favorite blocky orange bell pepper. Gilboa is loaded with thick-walled crunchy squat bells, as many as a dozen per... read more
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Golden Star
Golden Starsold out, substitute 3729.
3718GS  (72 days) F-1 hybrid. Glossy yellow blocky 4" 4-lobed bell. Cal Wonder-type adapted to the north. Nice, sweet and crisp. Generous leaf canopy. read more
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Jimmy Nardello’s
Jimmy Nardello’s OGSweet Pepper
3762JO  (76 days) Open-pollinated. Shiny red thin-walled 8" long tapering frying pepper. Sweet mild flavor, good raw and especially fried. High yielding. read more
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King of the North
King of the North OGSweet Pepper
3713NO  (70 days) Open-pollinated. Blocky red bell. Great for northern market growers. read more
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Klari Baby Cheese
Klari Baby Cheese OGSweet Pepper
3738KO (65 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Golden Delicious Apple Pepper. From Hungary, a Fedco introduction to the U.S. Wini Noyes says a good... read more
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Lady Bell
Lady BellSweet Pepper
3710LB  (68 days) F-1 hybrid. Rich green to bright red 3x5" elongated 3 to 4-lobed bell. Juicy, sweet, with a hint of heat. Sets well, even in cool weather. read more
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Mega MarconiSweet Pepper
3736MM (90 days) Open-pollinated. Doug Jones has had another breeding breakthrough as he further de-hybridizes Seminis’ Giant Marconi into a more compact... read more
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New Ace
New AceSweet Pepper
3701AC  (60 days) F-1 hybrid. Red thin-walled bell peppers, not consistently blocky. Easy to grow. Consistently early. Good for home gardens. read more
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Odessa MarketSweet Pepper
3772OM (87 days) Open-pollinated. This heirloom pepper from Odessa on the Black Sea in Ukraine helped Heron connect his plant passion to his heritage.... read more
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Peacework OGSweet Pepper
3704PO  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Red bell. Medium-thick walls, good flavor, sweet. Compact plants average 6 ripe peppers. read more
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Purple Beauty
Purple Beauty OGSweet Pepper
3723PO  (74 days) Open-pollinated. Blocky 3x3" bells ripen from purple to green to deep red. At purple stage they sell at a premium. Early and prolific. read more
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RevolutionSweet Pepper
3716RV  (72 days) F-1 hybrid. Green-to-red stout blocky 12-14 oz bell. Thick-walled, juicy, delicious and hefty. Superb yields. read more
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Staddon’s Select
Staddon’s Select OGSweet Pepper
3725SO (74 days) Open-pollinated. Worthy of consideration except in the very cold climates where it is poorly adapted. This good large blocky market-type... read more
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Sweet Pimiento
Sweet Pimiento OGSweet Pepper
3740SO  (80 days) Open-pollinated. Red pimiento. Rich fruity flavor. Early and prolific; up to 15-20 per plant. read more
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Tangerine Pimiento
Tangerine Pimiento OGSweet Pepper
3744TO (85 days) Open-pollinated. In the words of one customer, these beautiful pimientos are a joy to harvest, standing out “just like little lights.”... read more
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