Weedless Gardening

Weedless Gardening
by Lee Reich, 200 pages, 6x8, softcover. “To till or not to till, to mulch or not to mulch, these are the questions. Whether ’tis nobler in the soil to suffer the acidity and chlorosis of rotting sawdust or leave the ground naked against a sea of troubles…” Stop tilling and start mulching to lessen damage to the soil structure, reduce water needs and eliminate weeds. Looks at the all-important interactive layer between soil and mulch where mycorrhizae colonize and feeder roots grow. This excellent account of a no-till garden system covers mulch materials, compost making, green manures and nitrogen sources with many informative charts and sidebars. Two caveats: employ sawdust sparingly if your soil is heavy or acidic and don’t take Reich’s recommendation to use the invasive Bishop’s Weed as a border lest it persist into the next ice age. As Roger Swain said, “Pay attention to the top few inches of soil and nature provides the rest.” -Roberta Bailey

9804 Weedless Gardening
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