The Art and Science of Grazing


The Art and Science of Grazing

by Sarah Flack, 230 pages, 8x10, softcover. A cow can turn grass into butter and hamburgers: what’s your superpower? Flack combines hard-headed science with practical experience, an approachable tone and a palpable love for grazing animals. After a brief introduction to various grazing systems, she splits the body of the book into two parts: the first addresses soil health, pasture species and pasture management, while the second covers ruminant nutrition, grazing behavior and veterinary concerns related to grazing. The final section ties all these principles together to guide the grazier through the process of designing a pasture-management plan suited to the needs and characteristics of their farm. Relevant to small ruminants as well as to beef and dairy cattle, and includes trending topics like zero-grain dairying and the accurate measurement of dry matter intake. -Alice Coyle

9480 The Art and Science of Grazing
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