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Seed-Starting Supplies


Ladbrooke Multi 20 Floor Blocker
8856 Makes twenty 1½" blocks at one time. Long handle. Great space-saver for starting lettuces and greens. Using soil blocks allows for easy... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers


20 Mule Team Borax Solubor® DF
8219 (Sodium Tetraborate, 20.5% B) Soluble borate for fluid fertilizers and nutrient sprays. Boron is essential for all stages of tree growth and fruit... read more


Season Extenders

Season Extender
White on Black Plastic Mulch
8412 Upper white layer reflects sunlight back on the plants, increasing photosynthesis. Black lower layer blocks light to suppress weeds. Less solar... read more

Seed-Starting Supplies

Seed-Starting Supply
Children’s Grow Kit
8785 An approachable starter kit for novice growers. Includes a packet of seed for each of a dozen crops (beans, carrots, popcorn, cucumbers,... read more


Labels & Markers

Elegant Garden Markerscurrently on backorder
9300 If you think the Garden Snark Tags are tasteless, try these uber-classy laser-cut birchwood markers instead.

Each tag is engraved with a crop’s

... read more



Optional Seed Plates out-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
9254 Make your EarthWay® Seeder even more versatile. Package of five plates: brassicas, cucumber, popcorn, lima beans, and one for small seeds like... read more