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Emitter Tubing

Emitter Tubing
Emitter Tubing 18" spacing
9125 Like a hybrid between mainline tubing and drip tape. ½" hose with pre-installed 1 gph emitters every 18". May be used alone on crops like squash,... read more

Plant Protection and Pest Control


Safer® Garden Fungicide
8687 A liquid concentrate for home gardens, 12% elemental sulfur, a natural fungicide. Use for control of leaf spot, rust and powdery mildew on house... read more

Compost and Potting Soil

Compost and Potting Soil
Worm Castings
8350 (0.5-0.5-0.3 avg. and trace minerals) Research at Ohio State University indicates that adding 10–20% worm castings by volume to potting mixes... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers

Planting Mixes

Planting Mix
Hole-Istic Spring Planting Mix
8324 Recommended for fruit trees at planting time. Formerly known as Fruit Tree Planting Mix. Our own well-balanced blend of soil amendments in a... read more