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Livestock Supplies
Digestive Healthcare
Check™ Support
Check™ SupportDigestive Healthcare
8477 For all species of livestock facing severe bacterial or protozoan challenges to the digestive system. Consider for use when faced with dysentery,... read more
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8448 Energy and electrolytes for animals dehydrated by vomiting or diarrhea. Mix 4 oz Replena-Lytes powder with 2 qt warm water and administer twice... read more
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Rumalax Boluses
Rumalax Bolusesclearance
8451 A mild laxative, antacid, detoxicant and rumen stimulant for simple indigestion in cattle, goats and sheep. Magnesium oxide with natural flavors.... read more
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Livestock Healthcare
Dr. Paul’s CEG Remedy
Dr. Paul’s CEG RemedyLivestock Healthcare
8437 In situations where you might be tempted to reach for the penicillin, try CEG first. A concentrated blend of cayenne, echinacea, and garlic to... read more
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Dr. Paul’s OLS-M
Dr. Paul’s OLS-MLivestock Healthcare
8436 For animals with pneumonia or other respiratory distress, this tincture combines the antimicrobial action of oregano with several traditional... read more
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Parasite Control
Cattle Rub
Cattle RubParasite Control
8472 An absorbent highly rot-resistant flexible 5' wide rub to allow pastured livestock to self-apply fly repellent. Hang it between two sturdy posts... read more
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Copasure®Parasite Control
8460 Copper oxide wire particles in bolus form. Copasure was developed to treat copper deficiencies in cattle, but several studies show COWP... read more
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Dr. Paul’s CGS Remedy
Dr. Paul’s CGS Remedyout-of-stock
8461 A feed-through product containing elecampane (contains alantolactone, which in isolation has been proven effective against roundworm), black... read more
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Lice & Mange Wash
Lice & Mange WashParasite Control
8463 A pleasant-smelling enzyme-based treatment for lice and mange in cattle and hogs. Not effective on ticks. Unlike diatomaceous earth, will not... read more
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No-Fly™Parasite Control
8466 An oil-based botanical fly repellent for cattle, horses or other livestock pestered by flies. As a wipe-on or spray, may be applied full strength... read more
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Regano® 500
Regano® 500Parasite Control
8454 A liquid formulation of oregano oil for control of internal parasites, especially coccidia. A small-scale SARE-funded study, conducted by MOFGA’s... read more
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Vermi-Tox™Parasite Control
8457 An herbal blend from Agri-Dynamics: includes garlic, thyme, peppermint and trace minerals. Preliminary research at the California State University... read more
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Zyfend™ A
Zyfend™ AParasite Control
8475 Effective treatment for parasites in broilers or layers. Contains enzymes and essential oils. No egg or meat withhold. Administer daily in water... read more
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Reproductive Healthcare
Calcium Gluconate 23%
Calcium Gluconate 23%Reproductive Healthcare
8433 Fast-acting remedy for hypocalcemia associated with milk fever. Administer 250-500 mL subcutaneously (for mild cases) or intravenously (for severe... read more
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Dextrose 50%
Dextrose 50%Reproductive Healthcare
8430 Fast-acting source of energy for cows with acute ketosis. Administer 500 cc intravenously. MOFGA read more
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Dr. Paul’s Nature’s Cycle H
Dr. Paul’s Nature’s Cycle HReproductive Healthcare
8439 For animals not cycling or with silent heats, try this tincture combining red clover (contains phytoestrogens) with other herbs traditionally used... read more
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Saf-Cal™Reproductive Healthcare
8476 An oral drench to support optimum health and performance in freshening cows. Provides a quick dose of bioavailable calcium and magnesium, with... read more
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Topically Applied
Crystal Creek® Prism™
Crystal Creek® Prism™Topically Applied
8481 Topical liquid for more challenging situations, including foot rot, puncture wounds, infected wounds and abscesses. Formulated with tea tree oil,... read more
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Crystal Creek® Veterinary Dairy Liniment™
Crystal Creek® Veterinary Dairy Liniment™Topically Applied
8487 “Contrast therapy” liniment combines wintergreen, menthol and camphor in an aloe vera base. Supports circulation, soothes sore tissues and reduces... read more
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Crystal Creek® Wound Spray
Crystal Creek® Wound SprayTopically Applied
8478 A soothing mildly antibacterial topical spray for minor wounds and abrasions. May be used safely on mucous membranes: recommended for pinkeye.... read more
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Dr. Paul’s Dull-It
Dr. Paul’s Dull-ItTopically Applied
8438 Herbal formula designed to numb pain and reduce inflammation. Recommended for dehorning or castrating young cattle, sheep and goats. Popular on... read more
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Triodine-7Topically Applied
8484 Effective affordable all-purpose topical disinfectant for surgical procedures and deeper wounds. Can be drying and irritating to skin. Use to... read more
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