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Farm Seed


Barley, Robust
Barley, Robust OG
8007 Hordeum vulgare A widely grown 6-row barley with medium-tall straw and resistance to spot blotch. Tolerates drought and alkaline or heavy soils.... read more


Buckwheat, Common
Buckwheat, Common OGcurrently on backorder
8019 Fagopyrum esculentum Large-seeded Japanese buckwheat with short maturity will tolerate most conditions, including soil pH as low 4.8. Bees like... read more


Mammoth Red Clover
Mammoth Red Clover OG
8031 Trifolium pratense Short-lived 24–36" perennial clover best treated as a biennial: mow or graze the first year, and plow down the second year.... read more


Wapsie Valley Corn
Wapsie Valley Corn OGout-of-stock
8058 85 days. Open-pollinated heirloom dent corn dating back to 1850 is two-color, producing ears of either all coppery red or all dark yellow kernels.... read more


Hulless Oats
Hulless Oats OG
8082 Avena nuda Most oats have a clinging hull that requires industrial-grade milling to render them suitable for human consumption. Hulless oats are... read more


Rye, Winter
Rye, Winter OG
8109 Secale cereale Extremely winter-hardy, adaptable and competitive grain native to Turkey and widely cultivated in central and eastern Europe since... read more


Soybeans OGout-of-stock, will not offer in 2019
8130 Glycine max Annual warm-weather legume. Cultivated in modern-day Japan, Korea, and northern China since prehistory; first grown in North America... read more


Hard Red Spring Wheat OG
8142 Triticum aestivum For those seeking a reliable hard red spring wheat at prices a bit lower than those commanded by the venerable Red Fife, we... read more
Red Fife Spring Wheat
Red Fife Spring Wheat OG
8145 Triticum aestivum Hard red heritage spring wheat developed in the 1840s by David Fife at his Peterborough Farm in Upper Canada, now Ontario. The... read more
Wesley Winter Wheat
Wesley Winter Wheat OG
8148 Triticum aestivum This widely planted hard red winter wheat was a joint release from South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming, and is as hardy as one... read more