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BioNutrients™ Soluble AG
BioNutrients™ Soluble AGFertilizer
8291 (8-1-9) Provides a quick boost of plant nutrients (derived from fish and fermented plant extracts) fortified by humic acid and kelp and inoculated... read more
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Fish Hydrolysate
Fish HydrolysateFertilizer
8292 (2.9-3.5-0.3) Fish heads, bones, skin and guts finely ground and then enzymatically digested. The resulting gurry is stabilized with phosphoric... read more
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Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp
Fish Hydrolysate with KelpFertilizer
8295 (2-3-1) 90% fish hydrolysate and 10% liquid kelp concentrate provides all the N, P & K of fish and the micro-nutrients and growth hormones of kelp... read more
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Grow-Plex SP Humic Acid
Grow-Plex SP Humic AcidFertilizer
8304 Powder derived from Menefee Humates helps promote growth and vigor in plants. Small particles will hold and transport nutrients to plants as a... read more
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Karanja Oil
Karanja OilFertilizer
8593 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja have convinced us to bring back... read more
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Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed Extract
Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed ExtractFertilizer
8301 Highly concentrated extract makes an excellent foliar spray containing growth hormones, trace minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates. One package... read more
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Liquid Kelp
Liquid KelpFertilizer
8298 Maine-harvested kelp, Ascophyllum nodosom, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Use when starting seeds to improve seed... read more
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Neem Oil
Neem OilFertilizer
8592 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more
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Pest Controls
RootShield® Home & Garden
RootShield® Home & GardenFungicide
8628 Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 in a formulation for home-garden use. Trichoderma spp. are free-living fungi, common in soil and on roots, that... read more
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RootShield® Plus WP
RootShield® Plus WPFungicide
8631 Two strains of Trichoderma: T. harzianum strain T-22, and T. virens strain G-41. Protects roots against pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and many... read more
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ThermX™ 70
ThermX™ 70Sticker-Spreader
8646 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Use as a soil penetrant to help plants make the most of... read more
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