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Compost and Potting Soil
Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & Peat
Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & PeatCompost and Potting Soil
8328 (0.8-0.1-0.1) 75% composted salmon, mussels and wild blueberries with 25% sphagnum peat. Perfect for mulching trees and shrubs, or top-dressing... read more
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Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ Compost
Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ CompostCompost and Potting Soil
8325 (1-0-0) Blend of composted lobster, shrimp, crab, salmon and cow manure. Rich in micronutrients. Ideal for beds. read more
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Coast of Maine Stonington Blend™ Potting Mix
Coast of Maine Stonington Blend™ Potting Mixout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8329 A rich balanced mixture of sphagnum peat, coir, lobster compost, composted dark bark, dehydrated hen manure, perlite, worm castings, natural... read more
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Rainbow Valley CompostCompost and Potting Soil
8331 This top-quality compost, made in Sidney, Maine, from organic cow and poultry manure, comes highly recommended by farm advisor Mark Fulford. The... read more
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Vermont Compost Plus®
Vermont Compost Plus®Compost and Potting Soil
8346 Blended from composted manure and plant materials, blond sphagnum peat moss, granite meal, basalt meal, blood meal, kelp meal, steamed bone meal,... read more
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Worm Castings
Worm Castingscurrently on backorder
8319 (0.5-0.5-0.3 and trace minerals) Research at Ohio State University indicates that adding 10–20% worm castings by volume to potting mixes greatly... read more
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Alfalfa Meal
Alfalfa Meal OGFertilizer
8268 (2.6-0.5-2.3 avg.) Excellent alternative to blood meal as a nitrogen source. Gives plants a noticeable quick boost and feeds soil organisms. Apply... read more
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BioNutrients™ Soluble AG
BioNutrients™ Soluble AGFertilizer
8291 (8-1-9) Provides a quick boost of plant nutrients (derived from fish and fermented plant extracts) fortified by humic acid and kelp and inoculated... read more
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Blood Meal
Blood MealFertilizer
8271 (12-0-0) Fastest release time of any organic nitrogen source. As a sidedressing, apply at ¾#/100 row ft 3 weeks after transplanting or 4 weeks... read more
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Fertrell® Feed-n-Grow
Fertrell® Feed-n-GrowFertilizer
8274 (3-2-3) Slow-release plant food made with blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, peanut meal, alfalfa meal, aragonite, sulfate of potash, greensand... read more
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Fish Hydrolysate
Fish HydrolysateFertilizer
8292 (2.9-3.5-0.3) Fish heads, bones, skin and guts finely ground and then enzymatically digested. The resulting gurry is stabilized with phosphoric... read more
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Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp
Fish Hydrolysate with KelpFertilizer
8295 (2-3-1) 90% fish hydrolysate and 10% liquid kelp concentrate provides all the N, P & K of fish and the micro-nutrients and growth hormones of kelp... read more
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Fish Meal
Fish MealFertilizer
8277 (current lot: 10-0.5-3.5) A byproduct of catfish farming in Mississippi, put through a hammermill to produce flowable particles that pass easily... read more
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Grow-Plex SP Humic Acid
Grow-Plex SP Humic AcidFertilizer
8304 Powder derived from Menefee Humates helps promote growth and vigor in plants. Small particles will hold and transport nutrients to plants as a... read more
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Humic Acids SP
Humic Acids SPFertilizer
8161 A dry soluble powder with humic acid concentration of 85%. Derived from the mineral leonardite. Humic acids are the wild-card molecules of soil... read more
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Karanja Oil
Karanja OilFertilizer
8593 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja have convinced us to bring back... read more
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Kelp Meal
Kelp MealFertilizer
8280 Dried and ground seaweed contains trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids. An excellent source of naturally chelated elements. Brassicas respond... read more
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Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed Extract
Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed ExtractFertilizer
8301 Highly concentrated extract makes an excellent foliar spray containing growth hormones, trace minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates. One package... read more
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Liquid Kelp
Liquid KelpFertilizer
8298 Maine-harvested kelp, Ascophyllum nodosom, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Use when starting seeds to improve seed... read more
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microSTART60 Poultry-Manure Compost
microSTART60 Poultry-Manure Compost Fertilizer
8283 (3-2-3) Composted, pasteurized and processed Perdue poultry litter provides a good balance of major plant nutrients and other essential elements.... read more
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Neem Cake
Neem CakeFertilizer
8316 (2-0.2-1) The residue of neem seed kernels after the oil has been pressed. Rich in the basic nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it... read more
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Neem Oil
Neem OilFertilizer
8592 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more
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8286 (5-4-4, 5% Ca) A blend of fertilizers and minerals to provide balanced nutrition for all your plants and vegetables. Contains no manure. Before... read more
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Seabird GuanoFertilizer
8278 (12-11-2) Etymologically, the word guano is derived from the (indigenous Andean) Quechua word for poop. Biologically, guano is manure from bats or... read more
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Shrimp MealFertilizer
8288 (typical analysis 6-3-0, 14% Ca) From USDA-inspected shrimp processing facilities. Cooked and dried at low temperatures, then finely ground. As... read more
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Soybean Meal
Soybean MealFertilizer
8289 (current lot: 7-1.5-3) High levels of nitrogen and potassium are released as the soybean meal breaks down, providing fertility over time. Add when... read more
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TeraVita® Fulvic Acid
TeraVita® Fulvic AcidFertilizer
8162 A 2% fulvic acid preparation water-extracted from leonardite. This preparation has been filtered through a 200-mesh screen, so it will not clog... read more
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EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injector
EZ-Flo Fertilizer InjectorIrrigation
9114 Use your drip-irrigation system to fertilize right at the roots of your plants. Fill the tank with either solid or liquid fertilizers. Be sure to... read more
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Growing and Gathering Your Own Fertilizers: Self-Teaching Mini-Series #12
Growing and Gathering Your Own Fertilizers: Self-Teaching Mini-Series #12Library
9414 by J. Mogador Griffin, Laurent Gaudreau and John Jeavons, 140 pages, 5½x8¼, softcover. A compendium of information gathered by Ecology Action from... read more
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Biodynamic Products
BD Compost Starter
BD Compost StarterBiodynamic Product
8169 Treats up to 1½ tons of organic matter. Contains BD Preparations 502–507 plus stirred BD 500. Pfeiffer products are designed for those just... read more
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BD Field Spray Concentrate
BD Field Spray ConcentrateBiodynamic Product
8172 For use just prior to turning in stubble or green manure. Enough to treat 1 acre. Contains BD Preparations 502–507 plus stirred BD 500. Pfeiffer... read more
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Green Vitality
Green VitalityMicrobial
8181 Formulated by Gail Edwards of Blessed Maine Herb Farm in Athens, ME, to enhance soil health and promote healthy growth of all plants. Contains... read more
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8178 Feed the soil, feed the plants. Apply Microbial Plant Mix to the soil to increase the number of beneficial microbes. Includes nutrients necessary... read more
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Soil Amendments
Essential® Plus 1-0-1
Essential® Plus 1-0-1Soil Amendment
8185 A high-powered organic blend of kelp concentrate, fish hydrolysate, potassium humate and yucca, designed to stimulate root-hair growth for... read more
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Planter’s II Trace Minerals Fertilizer
Planter’s II Trace Minerals FertilizerSoil Amendment
8235 (0-0-0.09, 5% Ca, 5% S) Mined in Colorado from the remains of the great inland sea. Crushed and then pelleted with the addition of brewer’s yeast,... read more
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Planting Mixes
Ancients Rise MixPlanting Mix
8266 Whether they be abandoned heirlooms or wild seedlings, tucked in the woods or growing alongside an old road, apple trees live on for hundreds of... read more
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Blueberry Booster
Blueberry BoosterPlanting Mix
8256 A blend of granite meal, sulfur, Tennessee brown phosphate, Planter’s II trace minerals and Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat. Brings down the soil... read more
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Bulb Planting Mix
Bulb Planting MixPlanting Mix
8260 (3.1-3.1-2.4) Developed by Fedco Bulbs for slow release of fertilizers. Use 1–2 tsp per bulb mixed into the loosened soil below planting depth.... read more
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Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mix
Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mix Planting Mix
8265 To prepare your land in fall or winter for spring fruit-tree planting, use this mix. Without digging a hole, spread one bag on an area 4–6' in... read more
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Fruition MixPlanting Mix
8263 A balanced fertilizer to keep your bearing fruit trees healthy and productive. Gypsum (to maintain optimum calcium levels to promote disease... read more
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Hole-Istic Spring Planting Mix
Hole-Istic Spring Planting MixPlanting Mix
8262 Recommended for fruit trees at planting time. Formerly known as Fruit Tree Planting Mix. Our own well-balanced blend of soil amendments in a... read more
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VegemightyPlanting Mix
8261 (3-2-2.5) The fertilizer formerly known as Bulb Planting Mix is still perfectly suitable for this purpose, but we are rebranding it to emphasize... read more
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Fertilizer Attachment
Fertilizer AttachmentEarthway
9162 Easily attaches to EarthWay® Seeder for side-dressing plants. Fully adjustable to control application of all granulated fertilizers. Controls the... read more
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