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Farm Seed
Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24
Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24 OGAlfalfa
8001 Medicago sativa Recent release, very good yields, fast regrowth, excellent winter hardiness, medium fall dormancy. Best suited to light... read more
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Alfalfa, Red Falcon BR
Alfalfa, Red Falcon BR OGout-of-stock, SOLD OUT
8004 Medicago sativa A new release from Blue River exhibiting the “branch-rooted” trait instead of alfalfa’s typical taproot, improving its performance... read more
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Barley, Robust
Barley, Robust OGBarley
8007 Hordeum vulgare A widely grown 6-row barley with semi-smooth awns, medium-tall straw and resistance to spot blotch. Thrives on well-drained... read more
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Bell Beans
Bell Beans
Bell Beans OGout-of-stock
8008 Bell beans (aka small-seeded fava beans) are like Sunn Hemp’s tough cousin – the one with the full sleeve tattoos who hiked the Appalachian trail... read more
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Buckwheat, Common
Buckwheat, Common OGBuckwheat
8013 Fagopyrum esculentum Large-seeded Japanese buckwheat with short maturity will tolerate most conditions, including soil pH as low 4.8, but will... read more
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Forage Chicory
Forage ChicoryChicory
8019 Cichorium intybus Tap-rooted broadleaf perennial with bright blue flowers suited to well-drained moderately acidic soils. Well-managed stands may... read more
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Alice White Clover
Alice White CloverClover
8022 Trifolium repens Combines the perennial persistence of small-leafed varieties with larger leaves and 9–12" plant size. Readily self-seeds. Will... read more
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Crimson Clover
Crimson CloverClover
8028 Trifolium incarnatum Rapid growth in cool weather makes this annual an excellent spring or fall green manure. Stunning crimson spikes on 18"... read more
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Dutch White Clover
Dutch White CloverClover
8031 Trifolium repens At 6", the lowest-growing clover. Shade-tolerant perennial. Our most popular clover. Seed at 5–15#/acre, ½#/1000 sq ft.

As cover

... read more
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Freedom Red Clover
Freedom Red CloverClover
8034 Trifolium pratense This 2001 release from the KY Ag Experiment Station comes enthusiastically recommended for hay by Henry Perkins of Bull Ridge... read more
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Mammoth Red Clover
Mammoth Red Clover OGClover
8037 Trifolium pratense Short-lived perennial clover best treated as a biennial: mow or graze the first year, and plow down the second year. Seed early... read more
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Medium Red Clover OGClover
8038 Trifolium pratense Biennial or short-lived perennial. While we highly recommend Freedom Red Clover for hay plantings, this variety-not-stated... read more
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Mystery Cloverout-of-stock
8039 We lost the tag to a big bag of clover. Maybe this is a tall-growing red clover, maybe it’s a low-growing white clover. Maybe it used to be... read more
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Rivendell White Clover
Rivendell White Clover OGClover
8040 Trifolium repens Small-leafed perennial clover establishes quickly and withstands traffic and close mowing. More vigorous and slightly taller than... read more
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Yellow Sweet Clover
Yellow Sweet Clover OGClover
8043 Melilotus officinalis Thick succulent plants make an excellent green manure. Long thick taproots are very effective at breaking up subsoils and... read more
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Blue River Corn 09R19 OGout-of-stock
8046 79 days. Our earliest field corn. This dual-purpose hybrid from Blue River has better than average performance potential on poor corn land. Packed... read more
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Masters Choice MC468 Corn OGCorn
8052 83 days. Masters Choice corns are bred for an extensive root system (to maximize access to soil nutrients and water), leafy canopy (to improve... read more
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Wapsie Valley Corn
Wapsie Valley Corn OGCorn
8055 85 days. Open-pollinated heirloom dent corn dating back to 1850 is two-color, producing ears of either all coppery red or all dark yellow kernels.... read more
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Hairy Vetch/Winter Rye Mix
Hairy Vetch/Winter Rye Mix
Hairy Vetch/Winter Rye Mix OG
8100 Superb cover crop mix for fall planting. Excellent choice for a field that will not be planted the following spring. Mow after flowering to kill... read more
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Lawn Mix
Grass Seed: CR Lawn Mix
Grass Seed: CR Lawn MixLawn Mix
8058 All-purpose grass-seed mix for the Northeast. 50% bluegrass, 30% red fescue, 15% perennial ryegrass and 5% Dutch white clover. Good for a range of... read more
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Millet, Japanese
Millet, JapaneseMillet
8061 Echinochloa frumentacea A tall vigorous warm-season annual grass. Tolerates waterlogged soils, low fertility and cool conditions better than BMR... read more
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8064 Sinapis alba Produces large amounts of biomass containing high levels of glucosinates that break down into isothiocyanates, compounds toxic to... read more
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Common Oats
Common Oats OGOats
8073 Avena sativa A medium-tall early-heading variety with excellent lodging resistance. Moderately resistant to stem and crown rusts. Oats tolerate... read more
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Everleaf Oats
Everleaf Oats OGOats
8067 Avena sativa Forage oat recommended by Doug Hartkopf of Hart-to-Hart Farm in Albion and by Steve Sinisi of Old Crow Ranch in Durham. Bred in New... read more
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Everleaf Oats
Everleaf OatsOats
8068 Avena sativa Forage oat recommended by Doug Hartkopf of Hart-to-Hart Farm in Albion and by Steve Sinisi of Old Crow Ranch in Durham. Bred in New... read more
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Hulless Oats
Hulless Oats OGOats
8070 Avena nuda Most oats have a clinging hull that requires industrial-grade milling to render them suitable for human consumption. Hulless oats are... read more
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Orchard Grass
Orchard Grass
Orchard Grass OG
8076 Dactylis glomerata Long-lived vigorous grass can be established in spring, in summer, or by frost-seeding in late winter. Tall leafy plants grow... read more
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Pasture Mix
Oops Pasture Mixclearance
8078 Not all fescues are created equal. We were trying to make our CR Lawn grass-seed mix but accidentally put in tall fescue instead of creeping... read more
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Pasture Mix
Pasture Mix OG
8079 30% perennial rye, 35% tall fescue, 15% orchard grass, 10% timothy, 10% Rivendell white clover (preinoculated). Permanent pasture mix well suited... read more
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Peas, Field
Peas, Field OGPea
8082 Pisum sativum var. arvense Also called Forage Peas. Frost-tolerant annual legume likes cool moist conditions. Will grow in most soil types but... read more
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Peas, Yellow Grain
Peas, Yellow Grain OGPea
8085 Pisum sativum Ideal companion for oats or barley when planting for a dry grain crop instead of forage. Compared to Field Peas, grain peas are... read more
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Radish, Tillage
Radish, Tillage OGRadish
8094 Raphanus sativus var. niger A cover crop Daikon radish bred for improved taproot performance. Penetrates hardpans and loosens soil down to 30'' or... read more
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Rye, Winter
Rye, Winter OGRye
8097 Secale cereale Extremely winter-hardy and competitive grain thrives on well-drained loam soils but will do well in heavy clays or sandy soils.... read more
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Ryegrass, AnnualRyegrass
8102 Lolium multiflorum Widely adaptable to a variety of soils and to all but the hottest climates. Annual rye will establish quickly in cool wet... read more
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Ryegrass, Annual
Ryegrass, Annual OGRyegrass
8103 Lolium multiflorum Widely adaptable to a variety of soils and to all but the hottest climates. Annual rye will establish quickly in cool wet... read more
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Ryegrass, Perennial
Ryegrass, Perennial OGRyegrass
8106 Lolium perenne Short-lived cool-weather perennial often used in grass seed mixtures. Extremely palatable forage grass with good early-spring and... read more
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Soil-Building Seed Mix
B&B Summer Mix OGSoil-Building Seed Mix
8006 Maybe “B&B” conjures images of a restful weekend with late-morning French toast on a sunny porch, or maybe you’re a devotee of the fine digestif... read more
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NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail OGSoil-Building Seed Mix
8066 Complex cover crop blends are trending on the organic ag scene; so what’s all the buzz about? Just as a well-mixed cocktail balances a variety of... read more
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PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix
PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix OGSoil-Building Seed Mix
8088 Maine trials have shown peas-vetch-oats to be a superior soil-building cover crop seed mix. In tests, this mix has created as much as 8000#... read more
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Soybeans OG
8114 Glycine max Annual warm-weather legume. We gave up on soybeans several years ago because the breeding programs are generally so Iowa-centric that... read more
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BMR Sorghum/Sudangrass
BMR Sorghum/Sudangrass OGSudangrass
8010 Sorghum x drummondii A vigorous, competitive and adaptable hybrid annual that likes heat and high fertility. Grows best in warm weather when other... read more
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Conventional BMR Sorghum/Sudangrass
Conventional BMR Sorghum/SudangrassSudangrass
8011 Sorghum x drummondii A vigorous, competitive and adaptable hybrid annual that likes heat and high fertility. Grows best in warm weather when other... read more
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Oilseed Sunflower var. Daytona
Oilseed Sunflower var. Daytona OGout-of-stock, SOLD OUT
8115 Helianthus annuus Short plant with medium maturity has improved root and stalk strength to resist lodging. Well adapted to northern climates,... read more
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Sunn Hemp
Sunn Hemp
Sunn Hemp
8118 Crotolaria juncea Only recently available in the U. S., this rock star cover crop builds organic matter, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, controls... read more
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Timothy OG
8121 Phleum pratense Europeans noted it in 1711 along the banks of the Piscataqua river in New Hampshire. Named for Timothy Hanson who promoted its use... read more
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Vetch, Hairy
Vetch, Hairy OGVetch
8124 Vicia villosa subsp. villosa Vigorous cover crop generates copious amounts of organic matter. Excellent nitrogen fixation, over 100#/acre. Its... read more
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Hard Red Spring Wheat OGWheat
8130 Triticum aestivum For those seeking a reliable hard red spring wheat at less boutique prices than those commanded by the venerable Red Fife, we... read more
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Red Fife Spring Wheat
Red Fife Spring Wheat OGWheat
8133 Triticum aestivum Hard red heritage spring wheat developed in the 1840s by David Fife at his Peterborough Farm in Upper Canada, now Ontario. The... read more
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Warthog Winter Wheat
Warthog Winter Wheat OGWheat
8136 Triticum aestivum This hard red winter wheat performed wonderfully in the trials conducted in 2011 and 2012 by the Universities of Maine and... read more
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