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Farming with Native Beneficial Insects
Farming with Native Beneficial Insects by The Xerces Society, 272 pages, 7¼x10, softcover. Let your friendly neighborhood bugs do the work! This thorough guide illustrates how to create environments to attract and to manage native beneficial insects on your farm. Packed with colorful photographs and profiles of predatory and parasitoid bugs, and a large selection of host plants. Techniques such as building insectary and filter strips, shelterbelts and cover crops, as well as hedgerows, insect hotels and brush piles, are copiously illustrated. Features charts by region for native seed mixes and host-plant selection. Case studies following every chapter bring personal stories that provide practical reference. Even though the subtitle is “Ecological Pest Control Solutions,” the principal practices of conservation and biocontrol discussed in this book go beyond pest management, ultimately aiding with pollination, restoring biodiversity and establishing resilience. -Aktan Askin
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Looking for a title listed recently but not this year? Occasionally we have stray copies left that we will sell at a discount. Contact us with specific title requests. Reviews written by Aktan Askin, Roberta Bailey, Elisabeth Benjamin, Heron Breen, John Bunker, Holli Cederholm, Nikos Kavanya, Susan Kiralis, CR Lawn, Alice Percy, Jen Ries, John Paul Rietz and David Shipman.