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Masters Choice MC468 Corn OG

83 days. Masters Choice corns are bred for an extensive root system (to maximize access to soil nutrients and water), leafy canopy (to improve weed resistance in an organic system) and floury grain (to improve digestibility). This is their earliest organic hybrid, with excellent dry-down and fiber digestibility. Packed by seed count, 80K kernels per bag. Certified organic.

As feed: Very high grain yield potential for a northern short-season corn, and good silage yields as well, with CP of 8.19.

8055 Masters Choice MC468 Corn OG
Item Discounted
C: 80,000 kernels (37#) $275.00 ($261.25)
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Additional Information

Field Corn

Of all the grain crops, corn Zea mays has the highest yield potential per acre, making it a favorite of farmers around the world. Corn has gotten a bad reputation because the of the environmental damage caused by millions of acres of heavily sprayed corn monocropped in middle America, and the damage to public health caused by out-of-control corn subsidies. In moderation corn is a valuable part of the human diet; and it can be a boon to livestock growers seeking to meet their animals’ energy needs on limited acreage.

Seed corn as soon as the soil is warm (at least 60°). While corn will establish poorly in cool soil, late planting decreases yields. Corn will tolerate pH of 5.6-7.5, requires high fertility, and does not like to have wet feet. Corn competes poorly with weeds and requires frequent cultivation to perform well. Plant following a clover cover crop or after plowing in a stand of alfalfa. A cover crop such as white clover or annual ryegrass may be overseeded following the final cultivation (when corn is 12–16" high) to reduce the risk of erosion and discourage late-germinating weeds.

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Farm Seed

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Organic Seed

We are a MOFGA-certified organic repacker and handler of seed and feed.
None of our seed is treated with fungicides.

Organically grown seed is labeled OG.

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