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Farm Seed
Common Oats
Common Oats OGOats
8073 Avena sativa A medium-tall early-heading variety with excellent lodging resistance. Moderately resistant to stem and crown rusts. Oats tolerate... read more
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Hulless Oats
Hulless Oats OGOats
8070 Avena nuda Most oats have a clinging hull that requires industrial-grade milling to render them suitable for human consumption. Hulless oats are... read more
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Everleaf Oats
Everleaf Oats OGOats
8067 Avena sativa Forage oat recommended by Doug Hartkopf of Hart-to-Hart Farm in Albion and by Steve Sinisi of Old Crow Ranch in Durham. Bred in New... read more
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Everleaf Oats
Everleaf OatsOats
8068 Avena sativa Forage oat recommended by Doug Hartkopf of Hart-to-Hart Farm in Albion and by Steve Sinisi of Old Crow Ranch in Durham. Bred in New... read more
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Livestock Supplies
Feeding & Watering
Rojo Float Valve
Rojo Float ValveFeeding & Watering
8490 Quickly and automatically fills and maintains water levels in stock tanks for cattle, sheep, goats and horses to reduce the time and effort you... read more
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Crystal Creek® 2:1 Goat Mineral
Crystal Creek® 2:1 Goat MineralSupplement
8370 For growing and lactating goats. May be mixed with feed at 125–150#/ton (use the higher amount if grain intake is low) or offered free-choice.... read more
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Fertrell® Goat Nutri-Balancer
Fertrell® Goat Nutri-BalancerSupplement
8367 A balanced mineral/vitamin blend for all stages of a goat’s growth. For dairy animals use 1–1½ oz in feed per head; for meat goats 1 oz per head.... read more
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Compost and Potting Soil
GreenTree NoFloatCompost and Potting Soil
8350 Coir goes tech. GreenTree combines different size grades of coir fibers to an exacting formula that results in a high-porosity growing medium. If... read more
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Farm Seed
Soil-Building Seed Mix
PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix
PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix OGSoil-Building Seed Mix
8088 Maine trials have shown peas-vetch-oats to be a superior soil-building cover crop seed mix. In tests, this mix has created as much as 8000#... read more
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Barley, Robust
Barley, Robust OGBarley
8007 Hordeum vulgare A widely grown 6-row barley with semi-smooth awns, medium-tall straw and resistance to spot blotch. Thrives on well-drained... read more
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Yellow Sweet Clover
Yellow Sweet Clover OGClover
8043 Melilotus officinalis Thick succulent plants make an excellent green manure. Long thick taproots are very effective at breaking up subsoils and... read more
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Peas, Field
Peas, Field OGPea
8082 Pisum sativum var. arvense Also called Forage Peas. Frost-tolerant annual legume likes cool moist conditions. Will grow in most soil types but... read more
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Peas, Yellow Grain
Peas, Yellow Grain OGPea
8085 Pisum sativum Ideal companion for oats or barley when planting for a dry grain crop instead of forage. Compared to Field Peas, grain peas are... read more
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Soil-Building Seed Mix
NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail OGSoil-Building Seed Mix
8066 Complex cover crop blends are trending on the organic ag scene; so what’s all the buzz about? Just as a well-mixed cocktail balances a variety of... read more
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Maine Alphabet
Maine AlphabetBook
9457 by Dahlov Ipcar, 24 pages, 6x6, board book. Our 3-year-old, Sami, calls this his “loony book,” for the beautiful cover picture of a loon singing.... read more
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Livestock Supplies
Digestive Healthcare
Rumalax Boluses
Rumalax Bolusesclearance
8451 A mild laxative, antacid, detoxicant and rumen stimulant for simple indigestion in cattle, goats and sheep. Magnesium oxide with natural flavors.... read more
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Feeding & Watering
Large Range Feeder
Large Range Feederout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8508 Locking lid, feed-saver grill and built-in rain shield with side extensions to help protect feed against windblown rain. 300-lb capacity. Suitable... read more
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Parasite Control
Copasure®Parasite Control
8460 Copper oxide wire particles in bolus form. Copasure was developed to treat copper deficiencies in cattle, but several studies show COWP... read more
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Regano® 500
Regano® 500Parasite Control
8454 A liquid formulation of oregano oil for control of internal parasites, especially coccidia. A small-scale SARE-funded study, conducted by MOFGA’s... read more
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Flies–Be–Gone Pre-Mix™
Flies–Be–Gone Pre-Mix™Supplement
8403 Heavy fly populations in barns and on pastures stress livestock, reduce growth rates and milk production, and can spread diseases such as pinkeye.... read more
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8400 Fresh forages are rich in the fat-soluble vitamins A, E & D that function as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and immune modulators. When forage... read more
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Topically Applied
Dr. Paul’s Dull-It
Dr. Paul’s Dull-ItTopically Applied
8438 Herbal formula designed to numb pain and reduce inflammation. Recommended for dehorning or castrating young cattle, sheep and goats. Popular on... read more
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Green Vitality
Green VitalityMicrobial
8181 Formulated by Gail Edwards of Blessed Maine Herb Farm in Athens, ME, to enhance soil health and promote healthy growth of all plants. Contains... read more
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Hercules Gloves
Hercules GlovesGlove
9258 Knit gloves of 35% cotton and 65% polyester coated with durable pebbled, black latex. Replaces Mud Gloves. Very flexible; partially uncoated back... read more
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Nitri-Flex® Lite Gloves
Nitri-Flex® Lite GlovesGlove
9261 Snug-fitting knit poly-nylon shell is dipped in green nitrile, a marvelously gripping soft rubber that latex-sensitive people can use. Snug fit... read more
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Season Extenders
Agribon+™ AG-19 Row Cover
Agribon+™ AG-19 Row CoverSeason Extender
8814 “The ultimate floating row cover.” Think of row covers first when seeking pest protection. Protects crops from flea beetles, cabbage worms, potato... read more
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Farm Seed
Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24
Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24 OGAlfalfa
8001 Medicago sativa Recent release, very good yields, fast regrowth, excellent winter hardiness, medium fall dormancy. Best suited to light... read more
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Alfalfa, Red Falcon BR
Alfalfa, Red Falcon BR OGout-of-stock, SOLD OUT
8004 Medicago sativa A new release from Blue River exhibiting the “branch-rooted” trait instead of alfalfa’s typical taproot, improving its performance... read more
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Alice White Clover
Alice White CloverClover
8022 Trifolium repens Combines the perennial persistence of small-leafed varieties with larger leaves and 9–12" plant size. Readily self-seeds. Will... read more
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Dutch White Clover
Dutch White CloverClover
8031 Trifolium repens At 6", the lowest-growing clover. Shade-tolerant perennial. Our most popular clover. Seed at 5–15#/acre, ½#/1000 sq ft.

As cover

... read more
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Freedom Red Clover
Freedom Red CloverClover
8034 Trifolium pratense This 2001 release from the KY Ag Experiment Station comes enthusiastically recommended for hay by Henry Perkins of Bull Ridge... read more
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Mammoth Red Clover
Mammoth Red Clover OGClover
8037 Trifolium pratense Short-lived perennial clover best treated as a biennial: mow or graze the first year, and plow down the second year. Seed early... read more
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Medium Red Clover OGClover
8038 Trifolium pratense Biennial or short-lived perennial. While we highly recommend Freedom Red Clover for hay plantings, this variety-not-stated... read more
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Rivendell White Clover
Rivendell White Clover OGClover
8040 Trifolium repens Small-leafed perennial clover establishes quickly and withstands traffic and close mowing. More vigorous and slightly taller than... read more
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Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin: The Revolutionary Low-Sugar, High-Flavor Method for Crafting and Canning Jams, Jellies, Conserves
Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin: The Revolutionary Low-Sugar, High-Flavor Method for Crafting and Canning Jams, Jellies, ConservesBook
9480 by Allison Carrol Duffy and the Partners at Pomona’s Universal Pectin®, 176 pages, 7½x9¼, softcover. We don’t want to get in the habit of offering... read more
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Livestock Supplies
Waterproof Insulated Gloves
Waterproof Insulated GlovesLivestock Supply
8523 The all-around best winter chore glove: no more wet cold fingers! The flocked acrylic lining is soft and warm, and the triple-dipped PVC coating... read more
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Feeding & Watering
Automatic Poultry Waterer
Automatic Poultry WatererFeeding & Watering
8496 Five-quart waterer attaches to ¾" hose. Automatic float controls water level (which is adjustable) and reduces spilling and overflow.... read more
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Nipple Waterer
Nipple WatererFeeding & Watering
8493 Trying to water hogs in an open trough or bowl is an exercise in futility, as the hogs will think you put that water there to entertain them, not... read more
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Stock Tank De-Icer
Stock Tank De-Icerclearance
8502 Livestock treated to warm water in the winter will drink more, improving feed efficiency and reducing digestive problems. 1250W cast-aluminum... read more
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Parasite Control
Vermi-Tox™Parasite Control
8457 An herbal blend from Agri-Dynamics: includes garlic, thyme, peppermint and trace minerals. Preliminary research at the California State University... read more
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Kelp Meal
Kelp Meal OGSupplement
8281 Kelp is an excellent source of iodine and vitamin A and provides lower concentrations of dozens of other vitamins and trace minerals.... read more
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Pest Controls
Deer Stopper®
Deer Stopper®Pest Control
8655 Prevents damage by coating leaves and fruit, making them unpleasant to the deer. A mixture of rotten eggs and essential oils, it works by a... read more
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Cueva® Copper Concentrate
Cueva® Copper ConcentrateFungicide
8607 (10% copper octanoate, Cu8H16O2, 1.8% metallic copper equivalent) A soluble copper fertilizer combined with a fatty acid that controls most fungal... read more
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Surround® WP Crop Protectant
Surround® WP Crop ProtectantInsecticide
8652 Crop protectant is 95% kaolin clay, but this ain’t your mama’s pottery-grade kaolin. It undergoes a patented process of centrifuging and filtering... read more
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Orchard Pest Management
Red Ball Trap
Red Ball TrapOrchard Pest Management
8559 Use to monitor and trap insects, including apple maggot fly and cherry fruit fly. Sturdy 3½" reusable hollow glossy red plastic ball with hook and... read more
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Stiky Stuff
Stiky StuffOrchard Pest Management
8566 All-weather adhesive used to coat red balls for monitoring and trapping insect populations. Sticky and odorless coating. To remove, scrape off as... read more
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Labels & Markers
Cap Style Plant Markers
Cap Style Plant MarkersLabels & Marker
9189 Zinc-coated nameplates on galvanized steel legs provide permanent outdoor labeling. 10½" tall with a ⅞"x2½" horizontal nameplate. Comes with... read more
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Hydroponic Shears
Hydroponic ShearsTool
8951 For trimming jobs requiring delicacy and precision. Stainless steel blades extend through the rubber-coated plastic handles, making these shears... read more
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Infinite Dibbler and Wheel
Infinite Dibbler and WheelTool
9154 Yankee ingenuity at its best. These nifty tools are designed and manufactured by Two Bad Cats, a father-son team in southwestern Vermont. Quickly... read more
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Felco® Lubricant
Felco® LubricantFelco
8970 Lightweight synthetic non-stick formula does not get resinous with age or oxidation. Developed for cleaning gardening and workshop tools. Provides... read more
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Felco® Pruner Grease
Felco® Pruner GreaseFelco
8973 High-quality grease prevents corrosion and keeps parts moving freely. Clean your pruners regularly with Felco Lubricant then coat the moving parts... read more
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