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Ryegrass, Perennial
Ryegrass, Perennial OG Lolium perenne Short-lived cool-weather perennial often used in grass seed mixtures. Extremely palatable forage grass with good early-spring and fall growth in the perennial pasture; slows in the heat of summer. Germinates quickly and grows rapidly, suppressing weeds and allowing slower-growing companions to establish themselves. Perennial ryegrass holds up under heavy foot traffic and has good insect and disease resistance. Seed at 25–80#/acre, ½–2#/1000 sq ft. Certified organic.
Item Discounted
8106A: (5#) $52.75
8106B: (25#) $216.50 ($205.67)
8106C: (50#) $375.00 ($356.25)
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Additional Information

Farm Seed

Unless otherwise noted, our legume seed is sold “raw”: it has not been inoculated with the appropriate bacteria in a process called rhizocoating.
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Organic Seed

We are a MOFGA-certified organic repacker and handler of seed and feed.
All our seed is untreated.

Organically grown seed is labeled OG.
The label ECO after the variety name describes non-certified seed grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers on farms which maintain an active soil-building program. Some farmers eschew certification for a variety of reasons, ideological, economic and otherwise.

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