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Peas, Field
Peas, Field OG Pisum sativum var. arvense Also called Forage Peas. Frost-tolerant annual legume likes cool moist conditions. Will grow in most soil types but prefers well-drained loams. Some lots Maine-grown at Rusted Rooster Farm. For cover crop, seed at 100–200#/acre, 4#/1000 sq ft. For forage, seed early in the season at 100#/acre (4#/1000 sq ft) with 50#/acre (3#/1000 sq ft) oats or barley, or 200#/acre (8#/1000 sq ft) alone. Certified organic.

As cover crop: A weed-smothering workhorse soil builder. Field peas add about 70#/acre of nitrogren to the soil. Sow alone or with a nurse crop such as oats to help it stand.

As annual forage: Especially suitable for interseeding with oats to increase the protein of the finished forage by 3–4%. Peas have excellent palatability and are highly digestible. Hanne Tierney of Cornerstone Farm conducted a 2009 SARE trial in which she reduced by 50% the grain fed out to hogs pastured on a barley/field pea mix; the pastured hogs achieved an average slaughter weight not significantly different from the control group, although there was greater variation. Some potential for dry hay as well, though filled pods can be difficult to dry down. Peas may be seeded alone, but a companion crop of small grains will help to prevent lodging.

Raw seed; use with Garden Combo or Field Pea & Vetch inoculant.

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Additional Information

Farm Seed

Unless otherwise noted, our legume seed is sold “raw”: it has not been inoculated with the appropriate bacteria in a process called rhizocoating.
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Organic Seed

We are a MOFGA-certified organic repacker and handler of seed and feed.
All our seed is untreated.

Organically grown seed is labeled OG.
The label ECO after the variety name describes non-certified seed grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers on farms which maintain an active soil-building program. Some farmers eschew certification for a variety of reasons, ideological, economic and otherwise.

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