Rubber Grafting Strips


Rubber Grafting Strips

Rubber strips are more suitable for large grafts and supply more even pressure across the entire grafted area than grafting tape does. Doesn’t break down as quickly as Parafilm. Some grafters like to cover a rubber strip with Parafilm. Natural rubber formulation; to maintain elasticity, they must be stored in sealed bags out of sunlight. Blue in color. Strips are weighed out rather than counted individually, so package counts are approximate.

A size 4" x 3/16" contains approx. 700 strips; D size approx 2,800.
B size 5" x ¼" contains approx. 300 strips; E size approx. 1,200.
C size 8" x ⅜" contains approx. 110 strips; F size approx. 450.

8980 Rubber Grafting Strips
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A: 4" x 3/16" 0.25 lb $12.50
B: 5" x ¼" 0.25 lb $12.50
C: 8" x ⅜" 0.25 lb $12.50
D: 4" x 3/16" 1 lb $45.00
E: 5" x ¼" 1 lb $45.00
F: 8" x ⅜" 1 lb $45.00
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