RICHmix Biochar

RICHmix Biochar

Join the carbon-farming revolution. Biochar is the result of heating organic matter in a low-oxygen environment; instead of releasing the carbon into the atmosphere, this converts it to a highly stable form that can be held in the soil for hundreds or thousands of years.

Once applied to the soil, biochar’s climate-change-fighting powers are multiplied by improving the soil’s capacity to sequester carbon and by reducing soil emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Provides the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi to do their magic in the inexhaustible micropore matrix. Also prevents essential nutrients from leaching out of the root zone.

Best applied as you prepare the ground for planting. Apply 2–20#/1000 sq ft (70–700#/acre) or add several handfuls directly in the row every few feet as you plant. Add up to 20% by volume to compost piles in layers with nitrogen-rich material. For more information on biochar, see The Biochar Solution. Our biochar is blended in Massachusetts with basalt powder from New York and New England, then inoculated with 4 species of mycorrhizal fungi. MOFGA

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