Feed the soil, feed the plants. Apply Microbial Plant Mix to the soil to increase the number of beneficial microbes. Includes nutrients necessary to promote and sustain growth and to ensure that microbes can multiply and thrive.

We learned about MPM from Mark Fulford and from Ted Carter of After the Rain Farm in Washington County. As Fulford commented, “Plants need to be fed all season, not just in the spring.”

Open slowly—this is a live product. Ingredients of MPM: Phosphorus-stabilized fish, organic molasses, humus, potassium sulfate, humic acid, fulvic acid, calcium carbonate, sea minerals, liquid seaweed, sodium nitrate, microbiological soil stimulant, photosynthetic microbes, hypercellulase, symbiont microbes, humic nutrients, beneficial cultures, elemental sulfur, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1. See the fertigation chart for application rates. MOFGA

8188 MPM
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Additional Information

Organic Certification

Inoculants, soil amendments, fertilizers, livestock supplies and pesticides are labeled as:
OMRI: Organic Materials Review Institute. Most state certifying agencies, including MOFGA, accept OMRI approval.
MOFGA: Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association. Reviewed by MOFGA and allowed for use on MOFGA-certified farms. Check with your certifier.
WSDA: The Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Certifying division has approved these products for use in organic agriculture in Washington State. MOFGA has indicated that they will accept products on this list for their certification program. Check with your certifier.
Nat’l List: One-ingredient products on the NOP* List of Allowed Substances (subpart G of the Organic Foods Production Act, sections 205.601-606). Check with your certifier.
AYC: Products whose active ingredient is on the list of allowed substances, but which are not on the OMRI or WSDA list. Ask your certifier.
Not Allowed: A few of the products we list are not allowed for organic production but we think they have a place in sensible agriculture and can be used when certification is not an issue.

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