Millet, Pearl


Millet, Pearl

Pennisetum glaucum Annual grass. Up to 6'. Frost sensitive. Taller than Japanese millet but with a tighter bunching habit. Tolerates drought and sandy soils. Seed when soil is 60° or warmer at 25–50#/acre, 1#/1000 sq ft.

As a cover crop: Somewhat slower to establish than Japanese millet, and the bunching habit makes it less competitive with weeds, but if organic matter is your goal then pearl millet has a higher biomass production potential over the course of the season.

As annual forage: More productive and more digestible than Japanese millet. Suitable for grazing, silage and dry hay. Harvest before boot stage, at 18–24" high, and leave ample stubble to ensure vigorous regrowth.

8068 Millet, Pearl
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