Dino-melon Tee

Dino-melon Tee

In honor of Gene Frey’s imminent retirement from the Seeds branch of Fedco, we are printing his “dino-melon” design for this year’s limited-edition Fedco gear. For 40 years, Gene has led Seeds warehouse operations with virtuosic flexibility, unflappable patience, and a depth of knowledge that is daunting to contemplate in light of his upcoming absence. He created the dino-melon in October of 2004. When the Red Sox were making a record-setting comeback in the AL Championship Series, Gene kept hearing Yankees fans chanting “Who’s your daddy?” at Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. “It got me thinking about the parentage of our seeds, especially GMOs,” he says, and he created a series of weird hybrid graphics along this theme for that year’s Seeds catalog. “They wouldn’t let me print it with the ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ caption, though.”

Standard crewneck t-shirt in cream-colored organic cotton, with the design printed in an earthy brown. Versatile, like Gene: casual enough for the country, but presentable for an excursion to town. NEW!

9453 Dino-melon Tee
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