CowPots™ Six-Pack


CowPots™ Six-Pack

Six-packs of 3" squares, 3" tall. Made in the U.S. from cow manure and a bit of recycled newsprint. Roots can grow right through the walls of the pot, and additional plant food becomes available to the root zone as the pots readily decompose.

Slightly bigger than the plastic Six-packs, so you can’t fit six in a standard 1020 Tray. Three fit easily, you might be able squeeze in four if they were wet.

Sadly, the presence of colored inks and traces of glossy paper in the newsprint mean these pots are Not Allowed for certified organic production.

8799 CowPots™ Six-Pack
Item Discounted
A: six 6-pack trays (2 lb) $9.50
B: case of 120 (60 lb) $152.50 ($144.88)