Chocolate Mulch


Chocolate Mulch

The only mulch that might sabotage your diet resolutions—it really does smell like chocolate! The shells of the cocoa bean make an excellent organic mulching material, dry and weed-free. The dark reddish-brown color is very attractive and deepens with age.

While the smell may make the gardener hungry, it repels many insects. You may find references online to cocoa shell mulch being harmful to pets or wildlife, but very few animals will eat it and even fewer will eat enough to cause ill effects. Best applied in sunny dry areas.

Apply a 1" thick layer and water lightly to prevent the hulls from blowing away; as they dry, they will curl and interlock, providing an effective and long-lasting barrier against weeds. AYC

8400 Chocolate Mulch
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A: 2 cu ft $23.50
B: pallet 60 bags $1160.00 ($986.00)

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