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Certification Status
8155Guard-N Garden Combination InoculantOMRIVerdesian Life Sciences
8158N-Dure Alfalfa & Clover InoculantOMRIVerdesian Life Sciences
8161Field Pea & Vetch InoculantMOFGAVerdesian Life Sciences
8164Soybean InoculantMOFGAVerdesian Life Sciences
8167Humic Acids SPMOFGAOrganic Approach
8170Fulvic Acid LiquidMOFGAOrganic Approach
8173Myco Seed TreatMOFGAAgriEnergy Resources
8176MycoApply All Purpose GranularOMRIMycorrhizal Applications
8179BD Compost StarterAYCJosephine Porter Institute
8182BD Field Spray ConcentrateAYCJosephine Porter Institute
8185Dr. Higa’s Original™ EM-1 Microbial InoculantOMRITeraGanix
8188MPMMOFGALancaster Agriculture Products
8189Green VitalityMOFGABlessed Maine Herb Farm
8190Essential® Plus 1-0-1OMRIGrowth Products
8192BioNutrients™ Soluble AGWSDAGrowth Products
8198Lime, Hi-CalMOFGAOld Castle Stone Products
8201Lime, DolomiticMOFGAOld Castle Stone Products
8204Gypsum, pelletizedMOFGAOld Castle Stone Products
8207WollastoniteMOFGARock Dust Local
8213Azomite, CoarseOMRIAzomite Mineral Products
8216Azomite, MicronizedOMRIAzomite Mineral Products
821920 Mule Team Borax Solubor DFOMRIBorax
8222BrixBlend BasaltNat'l ListRock Dust Local
8225CalphosOMRICanton Mills, Inc.
8228Monterey Epsom SaltsOMRIMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8231Granite MealMOFGARock Dust Local
8237K-Mag Granular Trio® SOP-MGOMRINortheast Ag
8243Earthgreen Menefee Humate®OMRIEarthgreen Products
8244Micronutrients Liquid MineralOMRISaferGro
8246Protassium+ Organic Standard Fines Sulfate of PotashOMRICompass
8249Tiger 90CR Organic SulfurOMRITiger-Sul
8252Phosphate, Tennessee BrownOMRICalcium Silicate Corp
8255ZeoMax Garden AidOMRIZeotech Corporation
8260Alfalfa MealMOFGAAlfagreen Supreme
8263Kelp MealMOFGAGFL Industries
8266Kelp-It Soluble Powder Dehydrated Seaweed ExtractOMRINorth American Kelp
8269Liquid KelpMOFGANorth American Kelp
8272Neem CakeOMRINeem Resource
8275Soybean MealMOFGACurrie Chemical Company
8280Blood MealMOFGAFertrell
8283Bone CharMOFGAFertrell
8286Feather MealMOFGAFertrell
8289Fish HydrolysateMOFGANorth Country Organics
8292Fish Hydrolysate with KelpMOFGADramm
8295Fish Bone MealMOFGAProtein Products Inc.
8298Seabird GuanoMOFGABlue Ocean Organics
8301Poultry Manure CompostOMRIPerdue AgriRecycle, LLC
8304Shrimp MealWSDAGFL Industries
8309VegemightyMOFGAFedco Seeds
8315Turbo-TuberMOFGAFedco Seeds
8318Tears of Joy Onion KitMOFGAFedco Seeds
8321Blueberry BoosterMOFGAFedco Seeds
8324Hole-Istic Spring Planting MixMOFGAFedco Seeds
8327Zinc, LiquidNat'l ListStoller
8330Fruition MixMOFGAFedco Seeds
8333Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mix MOFGAFedco Seeds
8336Ancients Rise MixMOFGAFedco Seeds
8339Fertrell® Feed•n•GrowMOFGAFertrell
8342NutriVeg®MOFGAOcean Organics
8347BiocharMOFGARock Dust Local
8350Worm CastingsMOFGAFixit Farm
8353Vermont Compost Plus®MOFGAVermont Compost
8356Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ CompostOMRICoast of Maine
8359Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & PeatMOFGACoast of Maine
8362Rainbow Valley CompostMOFGARainbow Valley Farm
8363GreenTree Growers’ Blend™MOFGAGreenTree
8365GreenTree Ag Blend™MOFGAGreenTree
8368GreenTree Ithaca Blend™MOFGAGreenTree
8371Vermont Compost Fort Vee™ Potting SoilMOFGAVermont Compost
8374Vermont Compost Fort Light™ Potting SoilMOFGAVermont Compost
8377Living Acres NP Germination Blend™MOFGALiving Acres
8380Coir BlocksMOFGAGreenTree
8386GreenTree NoFloat™AYCGreenTree
8389PerliteMOFGAOld Castle Stone Products
8392Rice HullsOMRIRiceland Foods
8397Buckwheat HullsMOFGAThe Birkett Mills
8400Chocolate MulchAYCHull Farm
8409Grow-Plex SP Humic AcidWSDAEarthgreen Products Inc.
8431Fertrell® Beef BalancerMOFGAFertrell
8434Crystal Creek® Maximizer™ Beef MineralMOFGACrystal Creek
8440Crystal Creek® Swine MineralMOFGACrystal Creek
8443Fertrell® Poultry Nutri-BalancerMOFGAFertrell
8446Crystal Creek® Poultry-Pro® Mineral PlusMOFGACrystal Creek
8452Crystal Creek® 2:1 Goat MineralMOFGACrystal Creek
8458Crystal Creek® Sheep MineralMOFGACrystal Creek
8461Crystal Creek® Pasture MineralMOFGACrystal Creek
8464ZeoMax Flow AgentOMRIZeotech Corporation
8467Crystal Pellets™MOFGACrystal Creek
8473Fertrell® Grazier’s ChoiceMOFGAFertrell
8476Horse PowerAYCFertrell
8479Diatomaceous EarthOMRIFertrell
8482Redmond Agriculture 10 Fine Premium Trace Mineral SaltOMRIRedmond, Inc.
8488Kelp MealMOFGAAtlantic Labs
8491Winter-Mune™MOFGAAgri Dynamics
8494Flies•Be•Gone Pre-Mix™MOFGAAgri Dynamics
8503Crystal Creek® Paladin™ SpikeMOFGACrystal Creek
8506Crystal Creek® Pro-Vita-ZymeMOFGACrystal Creek
8509Crystal Creek® Calf ShieldMOFGACrystal Creek
8512Crystal Creek® Pivot-FL™MOFGACrystal Creek
8518Dextrose 50%MOFGARJ Matthews
8521Calcium Gluconate 23%MOFGARJ Matthews
8527Dr. Paul’s CEG RemedyAYCDr. Paul's Lab
8530Dr. Paul’s Dull ItMOFGADr. Paul's Lab
8533Dr. Paul’s Nature’s Cycle HAYCDr. Paul's Lab
8536Replena-LytesMOFGACrystal Creek
8539Rumalax BolusesMOFGACrystal Creek
8542Strong Animals Regano® LiquidOMRIRalco Animal Nutrition
8545Vermi-Tox™MOFGAAgri Dynamics
8548Copasure®MOFGARJ Matthews
8551Dr. Paul’s CGS RemedyMOFGADr. Paul's Lab
8554Lice & Mange WashMOFGACrystal Creek
8557No-Fly™MOFGACrystal Creek
8563Zyfend™ AMOFGARJ Matthews
8564Dr. Paul’s OLS-MMOFGADr. Paul's Lab
8566Saf-Cal™MOFGACrystal Creek
8569Check™ SupportMOFGACrystal Creek
8572Crystal Creek® Wound SprayMOFGACrystal Creek
8575Crystal Creek® Prism™MOFGACrystal Creek
8578Triodine-7MOFGARJ Matthews
8581Crystal Creek® Veterinary Dairy Liniment™MOFGACrystal Creek
8624Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®OMRIContech
8630Stiky StuffAYCOlson Products, Inc.
8633Apple Maggot LureNat'l ListGreat Lakes IPM
8639Pheromone Wing TrapNat'l ListSuterra
8645Codling Moth LureNat'l ListSuterra
8651Ammonium Bait EnhancerNat'l ListGreat Lakes IPM
8660Ahimsa Organics® Neem OilOMRINeem Resource
8663Ahimsa Organics® Karanja OilOMRINeem Resource
8669Sil-Matrix™OMRICertis USA
8672Bonide® Liquid Copper ConcentrateAYCBonide
8675Cueva® Copper ConcentrateOMRICertis USA
8678Champ WGOMRINufarm
8681Badge® X2OMRICrop Production Services
8684Micronized SulfurNat'l ListBonide
8687Safer® Garden FungicideAYCSafer Brand
8690THAT™ Liquid SulfurAYCStoller USA
8693Regalia® BiofungicideOMRIMarrone Bio Innovations
8696RootShield® Home & Garden Biological FungicideOMRIBioWorks
8699RootShield® Plus WP Biological FungicideOMRIBioWorks
8702Actinovate® Biological FungicideOMRIHoover Chemicals
8705Serenade™OMRICrop Science
8708Companion® Biological Fungicide Wettable PowderOMRIGrowthProducts
8711Organic JMS Stylet-Oil® OMRIJMS Stylet Oil
8714ThermX™ 70OMRIAmerican Extracts
8717Miller® Nu Film P® Spreader-StickerOMRICrop Production Services
8719Concern® Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect KillerOMRISafer Brand
8720NovaSource Surround® WPOMRIEngelhard Corporation
8723Deer Stopper®MOFGAMessina Wildlife
8726MoleMax® Mole & Vole RepellentAYCBonide
8729Garlic Barrier®OMRIGarlic Barrier
8733Monterey All-Natural Mite & Insect Control RTUAYCMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8735General Hydroponics AzaMax®OMRIParry America Inc.
8738Safer® Insecticidal Soap Commercial ConcentrateOMRISafer Brand
8741Monterey Sluggo®OMRIMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8744Monterey Sluggo® PlusOMRIMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8747Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle ControlOMRISt. Gabriel Organics
8750Mycotrol® WPOWSDABioWorks
8753DiPel® DFOMRIValent
8756Safer® Brand Caterpillar KillerOMRISafer Brand
8757Trident Biological InsecticideOMRICertis USA
8759Entrust™OMRIDow AgroSciences
8762Monterey Garden Insect SprayOMRIMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8765PyGanic® Crop Protections EC 5.0 IIOMRIMGK Insect Control Solutions
8768Monterey Bug Buster-OOMRIMonterey Lawn and Garden Products
8784Jiffy® Pots 2" RoundOMRIJiffy
8787Jiffy® Pots 3" RoundOMRIJiffy
8790Jiffy® Pots 3" SquareOMRIJiffy
8793Jiffy® Pots 4½" RoundOMRIJiffy
8796CowPots™ 4" SquareAYCCowPots
8799CowPots™ Six-PackAYCCowPots
8802CowPots™ 3" SquareAYCCowPots
8805CowPots™ 3" RoundAYCCowPots