Bulb Crate with Full Sides


Bulb Crate with Full Sides

Great for storing the bounty of your harvest. Sturdy repurposed plastic bulb crates. Pack ’em and stack ’em and take them to market or put them in the root cellar. Keep a sharp eye on them, as they tend to wander off. These crates weigh a couple of pounds each, but that 16# shipping weight is no mistake. Because of the crates’ dimensions, they are expensive to ship, so we primarily recommend them for walk-in customers or customers placing an order that will be shipped on a pallet.

9" crates are 15.5" wide x 23.5" long x 9" tall at the corners. 7" crates are 15.5" wide x 23.5" long x 7" tall at the corners. Tops and bottoms of crates are all the same; 9" crates can stack on 7" crates and vice versa, and the same goes for our crates with cut-out sides.

The photos show 7" crates.

9361 Bulb Crate with Full Sides
Item Discounted
A: 9" crates, full sides (16#) $6.00
B: 9" crates, pallet of 40 (2000#) $220.00 ($209.00)
C: 7" crates, full sides (16#) $6.00
D: 7" crates, pallet of 45 (2000#) $220.00 ($209.00)
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