Barrels and Jugs


Barrels and Jugs

Tough, multi-purpose, lightly used barrels and jugs.

4.75-gallon food-grade jug. Is your harvest worthy of being kept fresh and safe in containers bearing the name of Sparta, the prominent city-state in ancient Greece known for its unsurpassed military strength? These high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers were, in fact, manufactured in none other than Athens, Greece, and they previously contained olives grown and sold out of modern-day Sparta. These containers are sold as-is, meaning they have a little olive residue. Dimensions: 9" x 9" wide, 15" tall.

55-gallon food-grade barrels smell like olives on the inside and are red plastic with a nifty two-piece lid that has a rubber sealed cap and a screw-on ring (kind of like a canning jar).

55-gallon steel drums are also food grade (formerly held apple juice concentrate); they are painted a tasteful dark green with Chinese characters on the side.

Our stock comes from a local recycler who rarely comes with exactly the same thing twice, so be forewarned that the details on these items may change!

9376 Barrels and Jugs
Item Discounted
B: 4.75 gal food grade jug (2#) $10.00
warehouse walk-in sales only
C: 55 gal metal sap barrel w/lid (20#) $50.00
warehouse walk-in sales only
D: 55 gal orange olive barrel w/lid (20#) $50.00
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